Andie MacDowell Boob Job-Celebrity Before and After Plastic Surgery

Andie MacDowell, originally Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, is an American model and actress born on April 21, 1958 in Gaffney, South Carolina.She started as a model prior to becoming an actress. During the 1980s, she was highlighted in Vogue magazine and also appeared in various ad campaigns for several companies such as Armani perfume, Vassarette, Mink International, Sabeth-Row, Yves Saint Laurent, Bill Blass, and Anne Klein. Deciding to pursue acting, she went to Actors Studio and studied method acting. She had her acting debut in the year 1984 when she was cast inGreystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and played the role Miss Jane Porter. In 1989, she again played a significant role which was in the independent drama film Sex, Lies, and Videotape. 

Andie MacDowell
Cosmo Photoshoot

Andie MacDowell is no longer young, but she still has a stunning look at her age 55 years old. We can see how she is blessed with a great appearance, wrinkle-free face and nice boobs. Good genetics or good doctors?


According to Dr. Paul Nassif, the actress has benefited from Botox procedure. This he says has enabled her stay wrinkle free but at the same time tightened her facial muses enough to maintain normal facial movement. He adds that she has also benefited from facial fillers. Dr. Michel Salzhauer is also in agreement with Dr. Nassif, he reports evidence of Botox on her face. On the other hand, Dr. Youn argues that her soft and plump cheeks are as a result of fat injections. He also observes that the change in her upper lip is suggestive of filler injections to achieve the tout pout look. The three surgeons are impressed with her surgery results on the claim that they evidence procedures done to precision and by skilled hands. All the mentioned changes suit the celebrity.

Andie MacDowell Breast Much Bigger
Then and Now
Andie Macdowell Year by Year
Andie Macdowell Getting Better
Loreal Paris
Andie Nose Looks Better

Breast implant

Besides plastic surgery face, she apparently had other surgical procedure done on her chest. Look at Andie Macdowell breast size, it looks bigger and fuller than before. It indicates that she could have been under knife for breast implant.

Andie Breast Bigger
Andie Macdowell Possible Boob Job
Beverly Film Fest
Andie Macdowell Big Boobs Natural?
Golden Globe Awards

Andie MacDowell Personal Information

Full name: Rosalie Anderson MacDowell
Net worth: $80 million
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: American
Marital status: MArried

Andie MacDowell Body Statistics

Height: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Weight: 5′ 9″ (1.73 m)
Measurements: 34C-26-35
Bra Size: 34C
Dress Size: 7
Shoe Size: 6
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

When the former actress of Cedar Cove TV series was confirmed to make the statement regarding plastic surgery rumor addressed to her, she strongly denied if she had been under knife to maintain her flawless and ageless appearance. She told that what people see on her appearance was all natural without any plastic surgeon’s help. Over all, looking at her wonderful and sexy appearance in 56-year-old age, it can indicate that Andie MacDowell plastic surgery has been done well by her plastic surgeon.

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