Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery: Iconic Beauty or Plastic Surgery?

In Hollywood where beauty is the main business, it comes as no surprise that most, if not all, celebrities have surgery performed in one or certain parts of their bodies. Despite this obsession to beauty, however, there are still few stars whose beauty can be considered iconic – a class of their own.

And within this category belongs Angelina Jolie who has been blessed with exceptional beauty that a lot of people wonder whether it is a product of her genes since her parents are both beautiful people, or a result of a great plastic surgery procedure.

Critics and fans alike continue to compare past and recent pictures to investigate differences whether or not there really has been an Angelina Jolie plastic surgery or none. If ever Angelina did went under the knife, hers is the most subtle and satisfactory result.

Angelina Jolie Nose Job Before and After

Angelina Jolie then and now
Angelina Jolie then and now

One subject that is often discussed when talking about Angelina Jolie’s plastic surgery is the Angelina Jolie nose job. Has the actress undergone rhinoplasty? This type of surgery involves reducing the size of cartilage at the tip of your nose to make it narrower, more compact, and pointed.

When you look at her old pictures starting from her yearbook, only a very keen observer will see the difference of her nose shape. That difference can be seen as early as her Playing God movie circa 1997 where her nose seems slimmer when compared to another picture taken a couple of years earlier. If indeed Angelina Jolie has had a nose job, this is the most perfect example by far.

Double Mastectomy

Aside from her nose job, there seems to be no other Angelina Jolie plastic surgery that has occurred. You can truly say that her beauty is more of a product of her good genes than plastic surgery.

Angelina Jolie's plastic surgery changes

However, if you count the double mastectomy she has undergone to remove the cancer cells, then you can say that indeed she has had plastic surgery. Despite this, the media has been forgiving about this knowing that it was done more for health reasons rather than for aesthetic purposes.

Alabaster Skin

If there is one part of her body where Angelina Jolie really invest in, it is her skin. It is not part of the Angelina Jolie plastic surgery procedure but rather, one of her beauty regimens to maintain the glow on her skin.

Angelina Jolie And Family At London Aquarium

According to the dermatologist who treats her, Angelina Jolie spends more around $15,000 a year to undergo a treatment called raindrop facials. This treatment is a combination of non-invasive triad facial which works like a laser treatment. Under this process, the skin undergoes microdermabrasion, laser, and lavender and acid exfoliation to make the skin maintain its youthful glow as well as erase the wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation on the skin.

In conclusion, Angelina Jolie is without a doubt one iconic beauty whether or not she has undergone plastic surgery. She might have a little help from Botox but it is obvious that she uses it sparingly because she lives a good amount of lines on her face to make her beauty look natural.

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