Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery – Nose Job Before and After

It seems more and more celebrities are choosing to be open about their plastic surgeries; if the admission by Ashlee Simpson is anything to count on. No doubt, even at the time when she began appearing on commercials, Ashlee was pretty babe who was destined for greatness in showbiz.

Nevertheless, the singer-songwriter and actress must have found the beckons of plastic surgery too convincing to ignore. The interesting part, though, has been the fact that she has not denied that she went through plastic surgery. She has asserted that for as long as anyone interested in knowing the truth behind her plastic surgery rumour is alive and has two eyes, they can easily tell that she has been under the scalpel.

Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery before and after

While many people were content identifying her as the little sister of singer/actress Jessica Simpson, she soon crafted her own path in the entertainment world and is famous on her own account today. Her show “The Ashlee Simpson Show” together with her stint on 7th Heaven did a lot to propel her to stardom based on her singing and acting talent.

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job Before and After

The rhinoplasty rumour has been the one dogging Ashlee Simpson’s trails ever since people noted that she appeared slightly different. Indeed, on close scrutiny of her before and after photos, one can tell that there has been a modest, albeit obvious alteration of her nose.

Ashlee Simpson nose job before and after
Nose job before and after

Plastic surgery experts have explained that the nose must have been touched up somewhat, through rhinoplasty, to give it the new, straight shape that it currently has.

Her nasal bridge was convex in shape before and it seems, some of the cartilages together with the nasal bridge that make it up might have been cut off. The result of this transformation is a straighter nose which sits perfectly with the rest of her facial features.

The tip of her nose was not spared either by this rhinoplasty surgery. Evidently, the bump that previously prevented this part of her nose from easily rotating upward with motion was removed. This has made her tip more refined and pointed, giving her face a sophisticated touch!

The only rumour to arise for Ashlee Simpson on plastic surgery is this of her rhinoplasty which she has admitted to. Overall, she has been a beautiful celebrity even before she began to chip off parts of her nose. There are no other obvious evidences of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, this can easily be attributed to a professional plastic surgeon who observes moderation in his trade.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross
Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross

The beautiful celebrity is rumoured to have an enviable net worth of around $8 million and was at one point labelled as being anti-Britney. She is on record as asserting that she always had a passion for singing and never imagined that she would make it big like she did with this talent. She is a mother of two children currently and is married to Diana Ross’s son Evan Ross.

It remains to be seen if the actress and singer will indulge in more procedures as she adds a few more years to her age.

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