Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Before and After

Audrina Patridge is beautiful. No doubt. But in Hollywood where plastic surgery has become highly popular among celebrities especially the young ones, just being beautiful is not satisfying. And that explains the reason for Audrina Patridge’s plastic surgery. Or is Audrina Patridge’s plastic surgery just a rumor?

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery

If you don’t already know who Audrina Patridge is, the 5’7 (170 CM) American is a television personality, presenter, actress and model. Before 2005 nobody knew who Audrina Patridge was until she gained prominence in 2006 having being cast in The Hills TV series, a show she was paid $100, 000 per episode. The TV program was a hit but was canceled after the 6th season.

She even went on to debut her own TV show, ‘Audrina’. What an ambitious woman. But her ambition is not only limited to TV shows, she wants to look perfect.Afterall ‘Perfect Body’ sells in Hollywood. And it has been speculated that Audrina Patridge is now hot in demand in Hollywood after going under the surgeon’s knife to enhance her beauty.

Audrina Patridge is very young and pretty. She is only 29 years old having being born in 1985, May 9th in Los Angelese, Califonia. Yet she has been rumored to have undergone several plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty. Audrina Patridge is almost becoming a poster girl for plastic surgery in Hollywood.

Whether the matter of Audrina Patridge’s plastic surgery is true or false would depend on who you are talking to.They say she has undergone the following processes to enhance her appearance.


Audrina Patridge plastic surgery before and after
Audrina Patridge plastic surgery before and after

Audrina Patridge went under the knife to get her nose shaped the way she wanted. In the before and after pictures, it is clear that the shape of her nose is quite different. For one thing, she it is now slimmer than it was before, and for another, the bridge of the nose is also thinner. Another difference to note is the tip of her nose, which is also pointier now than it was before.

Breast augmentation

This young celebrity has denied the rumors that she has had breast implants, but the evidence speaks for itself. Her breasts before plastic surgery were small and almost insignificant on her chest, after the procedure however, they are now a larger size. A comparison of Audrina Patridge pictures before the plastic surgery procedure and her pictures now, show a marked difference in her breast size.

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Before and After
Breast Implants Before and After

Chin augmentation

Don’t blame Audrina Patridge if she ever got chin implants. In Hollywood, appearance is everything.Plastic surgery of the chin is usually performed during Rhinoplasty. So it is assumed that Audrina Patridge got her chin augmented when she did her nose job. Appearance is everything my friend.

Lips injection

Audrina Patridge has also been accused of getting the filler procedure to her lips.This is difficult to dismiss particularly when her lips are now plumper and juicier than they were before the procedure. If you are unsure about Audrina Patridge plastic surgery, all you need do is compare the photographs of Audrina Patridge before and after the plastic surgery, so that maybe you will be satisfied with your own answers.

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery

Audrina Patridge is young compared to other Hollywood celebrities who have gone under the knife several times and there are those who believe that she might be too young to be having so many plastic surgery procedures. Even though she denies most of them, her pictures tell a different story and almost nobody believes her denials. The important thing though is that the celebrity seems happy with her looks now, at least that’s what we would like to believe.

Audrina Patridge net worth

The actress is said to be worth an estimated $12 million. Her acting career is currently on the rise and she is doing really well. Her assets include a luxury house that is rumored to have cost $1.8 million. She also has a stable of luxury cars including high end Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Audrina Patridge's house
Audrina Patridge’s house

Audrina Patridge’s personal information and body measurement (size)

Full name: Audrina Cathleen Patridge
Age: 29 years
Birth date: May 9, 1985
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality: American
Star sign: Taurus
Occupation: TV personality, actress and model
Parents: Lynn (mother) and Mark (father) Patridge
Siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother
Manager: Gladys Gonzalez
Body build: Slim
Ethnicity: White
Audrina Patridge’s height: 171 CM
Weight: 57 kg (125 pounds)
Breast-Waist-Hips size: 37-24-36 inches
Cup: C
Body shape: Hourglass
Dress size: 4
Shoe size: 8

Who is Audrina dating?

Corey Bohan: (from 2010 to 2014). He is an Australian sports star.
Mark Salling: (from 2009 to 2010). Mark is an American singer, song writer and composer.
Justin Bresica: (from 2005 to 2008). Justin was Audrina’s co-star in ‘The Hills.’

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