Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After

Barry Manilow is a celebrity who is now over 70 years old. He is a renowned singer, songwriter and producer. However, his youthful looks has brought so many questions and raised suspicions among many. When questioned, Barry Manilow has denied all the allegations that he has had cosmetic enhancement procedures before.

Rumor has it that in 2003 he was spotted leaving a hospital while wearing a wig and dark glasses.

Barry Manilow

People suspect that he had just had an upper and lower face lift. In an interview with Jonathan Ross, he really denies having had a plastic surgery. He emphasized that his youthful looks are a result of living the old fashioned healthy lifestyle.

The skin on his face is taut and his face is wrinkle free and considering his age, things don’t quite add up. A critical analysis of him led us into speculating that he has had a face lift, an eye lid job.

Face lift

At 71 years of age, a typical person is expected to have some wrinkles and sagging skin especially around the eyes and forehead. However, Barry Manilow has no sign of sagging skin or wrinkles on his face. This left us with no doubt that he has had a complete upper and lower facelift to remove sagging skin from his eyelids and to tighten his facial skin.

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After
Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After

A closer look at his cheeks shows that they look puffed up and his skin looks taut. It is not wrong for us to suspect the use of Botox injections. There is even a chance that he has had multiple face lifts. Though he denies all these allegations, he has not given us any solid explanation behind his facial appearance in comparison to his age.

Barry Manilow Botox Surgery Photo

A critical comparison of pictures from his past and recently shows a difference in his facial appearance. In the most recent photos he looks very different and quite unnatural and this led us into questioning the use of chemical peels or Restylane injections. We are not yet quite sure about this speculations and allegations but once you become questionable yet you fail to give a satisfactory answer, it leads people into having all sorts of wild thoughts.

Barry Manilow then and now
Barry Manilow then and now

Much as Barry Manilow constantly denies all these allegations, his looks give him away. There is nothing wrong with ageing gracefully but most celebrities do all they can to slow down or stop the natural ageing process. Someone should tell Barry Manilow that there is no shame in admitting to have had cosmetic enhancement procedures; that is, if it is true. Furthermore, it is quite common among many Hollywood celebrities.

All in all, at the end of the day, what matters is how you feel about yourself and what you think about how you look and not what others think about you. Barry Manilow has not yet commented about the allegation that he had been spotted leaving a hospital while wearing a wig and dark glasses therefore it is yet to be confirmed whether it is true or not.

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