Bernadette Peters Net Worth – Five Decades of Hard Work

Full name: Bernadette Lazzara
Net worth: $5 Million
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Childeren’s Book Author
Nationality: Italian American
Marital status: Was married to Michael Wittenberg (1996-2005)

Bernadette Peters net worth 2015

Personal Life Of Bernadette Peters

She was born on February 28, 1948, in Queens, New York, as the youngest of three kids. Her first and biggest love was acting, as she began to appear in movies at a very young age. Before even attending kindergarten, she could be seen in many different TV shows and movies. At the age of nine, she started to act in theatres, after that appearing in movies “The Christmas Tree” and “A Boy Called Ciske”. Steve Martin and Bernadette were in a relationship in 1977, and they dated for four years. Because she was considered a sex symbol, she was on the cover of Playboy magazine in December 1981.

She posed wearing a lingerie that was designed by Bob Mackie. After dating investment adviser Michael Wittenberg, the couple decided to get married on July 20, 1996.

Bernadette Peters and Michael Wittenberg
Bernadette Peters and Michael Wittenberg

The ceremony took place at the residence of Mary Taylor Moore, a long-time friend. ON September 26, 2005, Michael Wittenberg died as his helicopter crashed. He was in Montenegro at that time, on a business trip. Bernadette owns a dog named Charlie, who is mixed-breed. Her previous two pets (mix-breed Cramer, and American pit bull, Stella) along with Charlie served as an inspiration for her children’s books. All three dogs were adopted from shelters.

Professional Life of Bernadette Peters

At the age of five, she began to appear on television shows, staring in “Name that tune” and “The Horn and Hardart Children’s Hour”. In an attempt to avoid stereotyping by her name (fathers last name was Lazzara), she changed it to Peters, at the age of nine.

How rich is Bernadette Peters

In the same month that she changed her name, she starred in her first professional debut, a comedy named “This is Google”. After that, Peters went on to appear at many different shows on NBC. When she was 10, she joined the Quintano’s School For Young professionals. Many other famous people came out of that school, including Steven Tyler.

Bernadette starred in a lot of famous plays over the next couple of years, and for the role in “On The Town” was nominated for a Tony Award, and after that she had a nomination for “Mack an Mable” in 1974. Bernadette decide to move to Los Angeles in pursuing a television and film career. She starred in 33 movies, winning many awards, including the Golden Globe Award for the Best Motion Picture Actress in a Comedy or Musical. Her latest movie was filmed in 2012.

Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin
Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin in “The Jerk”, 1979

Broadway was her first love, and she returned to it in 1982, staying active till present. She won two Tony Awards, been nominated for Emmy twice and won a Golden Globe. An illustrious career, to say the least. Peters has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Properties Of Bernadette Peters

Like most stars, she has a house in New York, which is a massive villa, spanning at 4,035 square feet, built in Mediterranean style. It has five bedrooms, and a main suite. The house is quite conservative in style, but has hi-tech details also, such as the 20-foot kitchen. Peters likes fast cars, and the one that she owns in a Mercedes GS50, an SUV car equipped with a V8 engine, that makes it almost track ready. Being an SUV of course has its advantages when we are talking about driving off road. Besides that, Mercedes is a name known for the luxury, and that is why many celebrities turn to the German car manufacturer.

Bernadette Peters - pet lover

Bernadette Peters Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Dress size: 10
Bra size: 34D
Shoe Size: 7
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown

This actress, singer and children’s book author is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Bernadette Peters net worth is estimated at $5 million. She has started working on it since childhood, and seemed destined to become a star. Some people just have that star quality in their DNA, and Bernadette Peters is surely one of them.

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