42 Great Beyonce Hairstyles: Short & Long Hairdos, Wavy, Braids, Curls & More

The 34 years old popular singer has a charming personality and can carry any look.

Her fans always look for the news when she sneezed or had bought a new pair of shoes. So when the Queen of pop music gave herself a blunt bang haircut; she faced a strong reaction from her loyal fans.

No one liked her new haircut and they said on social media that none of Beyonce hairstyles ever disappointed them to the extent that these bangs cut did. They called it a hair fail and wished that Bey should never ever get the same kind of cut again. We show this highly controversial cut in the picture below:

Beyonce Hairstyles

Seeing her fans’ reaction, Beyonce styled her haircut differently the next time she went out of her home. Check out the pictures below where she has tied all her hair except the bangs in a top knot¬†and bangs also seem to be a bit grown up. And in the second picture, she had has nicely side parted her hair and tried her best to hide her bangs.

Beyonce haircut


Beyonce shows magical dance moves but her hair didn’t. She has an attractive face, good height, beautiful voice, and an amiable personality but her hair texture and natural hair color doesn’t complement the rest of her features. However with a lot of styling and effort, she is able to carry smart hairdos. Now we’ll show you short haircuts that Beyonce carried quite well.

Beyonce hairdos haircut

Beyonce hairdos

Beyonce hairdos photo

Beyonce hairdos

Beyonce hairstyles evolution took an unexpected turn when she got a short hair cut to attend Budweiser Made In America Festival in 2014. This time, her fans were quite happy because the 33 years old singer looked just fabulous in her new cut. According to many online sources and newspapers, she rocked the entire festival with her short hairdo. With an asymmetrical bob do, the world famous singer went more blonde than ever.

Beyonce short hairdo
Picture by: Pichichi / Splash News

Long wavy hair have always been a trademark feature of Beyonce’s personality.

Beyonce in Long wavy hair

Beyonce Long wavy haircut

Beyonce Long wavy hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyle

Long wavy hair

Photos of Beyonce haircuts

Beyonce haircuts photo

Beyonce haircuts

Beyonce straight hairstyles for long hair

Beyonce hairstyles for long hair

Beyonce haircuts for long hair

Beyonce long hairstyles

Beyonce curly hairstyles for long hair

Beyonce hairstyle

Beyonce hairstyles 2015

Beyonce hairstyles for long hair photos

Sometimes, she also wore straight long hairdos:

Beyonce hairdos for long hair

Beyonce hairdos 2015

Beyonce long hairdos hairstyle

Beyonce long hairdos 2015

Beyonce in long hairdos

Beyonce straight long hairdos

Beyonce straight long hairdos haircut

Beyonce long hairdos

Straight long hairdos

Beyonce hairdos

When Beyonce got a pixie haircut in 2013, everyone was shocked and numerous fashion magazines reported her haircut to be epic. Probably people were in love with her long hairdos and they didn’t expect that someone enjoying long hair for such a long period of time could be so daring to get a cutesy do.

After all, Bey is not the first one to get a pixie cut. Her fans were used to seeing her in gorgeous wavy dos and braids and it was difficult for them to accept that they will not be seeing their favorite star again in braids for at least a few years.

A round up of Beyonce hairstyles reveals that every star has an aura around her personality and others are not ready to see her outside that aura. And that’s why, whenever she changed her looks with a noticeable difference, she received criticism.

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Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect.

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