Beyonce Plastic Surgery – What Did Pop Diva Actually Change?

Beyonce – Absolutely Gorgeous In Every Single Way

Beyonce plastic surgery is rumor who circled around the celebrity world for a long time. Rumors are that famous singer opted for a several surgeries on her face and body in order to maintain her good looks which, besides from her voice, made her famous worldwide.

Beyonce, of course, denied all the gossips that came from the mouth of the media. Her before and after photos most certainly do not go in her favor, since on them it is pretty visible the pop diva changed her appearance, whether she wants to admit it or not.

beyonce plastic surgery before after photos
Breast implants before and after

Who Is Beyonce?

Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4, 1981, in Huston Texas. Her career began with group Destiny’s Child, where she was a lead vocalist. After that, she started a solo career, releasing her debut album “Dangerously In Love” and with that step she became one of the music’s top-selling artists. She also starred in a few movies, such as “Dream Girls”.

Knowles won several Grammy Awards, she has a record for most No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, and she made the Forbes Top 10 list of entertainment’s highest-earning women.

Beyonce Knowles hd wallpaper

Beyonce is married to Jay Z since 2008 and in the 2012 couple welcomed into the world a baby daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce Before Plastic Surgery (in 1999)

Beyonce Before Plastic Surgery in 1999

It is rumored that Beyonce Knowles had opted for surgeries listed below.

Nose Job

When Beyonce’s before and after photos are compared, it is very noticeable that she changed the shape of her nose. She used to have typical African-American nose, flat and wide, but in the newer photos the difference is significant.

Beyonce nose job before after

Pop diva’s nose looks thinner and sharper and as an addition to that the bridge of her nose looks a little bit narrower, and the tip is redefined and perfectly shaped. Rhinoplasty surely did change the way her nose looks and new shape goes so much better with Beyonce’s face.

Before-After Photos of Beyonce’s Breast Implants

With just one look of the Beyonce’s chest it becomes highly visible that she did a boob job to increase the size of her breasts. The difference is noticeable because her new breasts look round and perfectly shaped, pointing that Beyonce went under the knife since only a plastic surgeon can make a perfectly shaped boobs like hers.

beyonce breast implants before after

Knowles said that she gained some weight, resulting with bigger breasts, but that does not seem to fit the story, since her new boobs look a little bit fake and plastic.

Skin Lightening

A procedure that is allegedly very popular among African-American celebrities is skin lightening. It is rumored that Beyonce opted for this procedure to make her skin look bleached that much, and because makeup cannot make skin look lighter, this was her only option.

beyonce plastic surgery photos

She maybe took this step too far since it is becoming impossible to tell if she really is African American base on her skin tone. Her fans are not agreeing with their favorite dive, they do not think that she needed to do this procedure in the first place, but Beyonce does not seem to mind at all.


Another operation on the list is liposuction and since Beyonce denied all the rumors, the only proof for that are pictures of her abs, where is clearly obvious that she opted for liposuction and not for a hard workout. Lumpiness on her stomach adds to the story that she had undergone liposuction, choosing an easier way to look good.

Beyonce Liposuction

Lip Augmentation

The last thing on the list is a lip reduction operation because on Beyonce’s recent photos her lips look thinner and redefined. Since makeup cannot achieve the effect of so smaller lips, her fans believe that she opted for lip augmentation.

Beyonce Lip Augmentation

Since so many celebrities are obsessed with their looks, it is not odd that Beyonce plastic surgery hit all the headlines. Pop diva is sticking to her story that she manages to have a great body with strict diet and hard workouts, but her fans are having a hard time to believe her. One way or another, Beyonce is gorgeous in every way, and she most certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to her looks.

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