Big Ang Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Before & After Photos

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola is the star of the American reality televisions series. She made her first television appearance on the second season of Mob Wives. Aside from being a star, also owns a bar in New York which has been in its seventh year of operation.

However, even if Angela Raiola, won’t have any of these, she will still be famous for two other reasons – being the niece of the late Genovese captain, Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi and her affinity for plastic surgery.

A single mother with two kids, Big Ang is very open about the fact that she has undergone tummy tuck, liposuction, and lip injection as well as breast surgery three times.

Big Ang plastic surgery before and after
Big Ang plastic surgery before and after

She also shares the surgery list procedures she experienced and admits that she is very obsessed about it. In fact, she confesses that she is looking forward to do more surgery in the future.

Ang explains that at the age of 14, her breast size was already double 36 double D. When she was 27 years old, she had her breast done for the first time. The procedure involved putting sponges in her breasts, which she knows was not safe.

Big Ang Before Surgery:

Big Ang before surgery photo

After giving birth, she felt insecure about her body, especially her breasts so she decided to have them redone again by taking away the sponges out and replacing it with saline implants. After 10 years, she changed the saline with saline and silicone implants, that resulted to larger, sexier, and more desirable breasts.

Big Ang lip job
Big Ang lip job

She also had her lips done by injecting them with some sort of plastic collagen stuff making them look very sweet and kissable. In addition, she also had her nose chiseled, her tummy tucked, and liposuction that made her mid-section look very voluptuous.

Her sexy curves were seen when she posed for the cameras in a sexy bikini to promote her series. She is very pleased and satisfied with the results of her surgery believing that it makes her look attractive. She plans on undergoing more surgery to make her look perfect.

At 53 years old, she is looking forward on having surgery on her eyes, slight face lift, and liposuction around her bra and backsides part. She is very excited and positive about it even though she already have more than six surgeries already.

She brags about men still find her attractive despite being married to a 38 year-old guy with when she was 52 years old. She said that plastic surgery has made her more seductive and fascinating.

When asked how she found her surgeon, Big Ang said that her sister, who is also her manager, found the surgeon on Facebook and recommended him to her. She is very excited on her upcoming surgery which includes a 25-year extensions in every style and color since she she loves changing her looks.

Big Ang 2015

She is not shocked that her plastic surgeons on Facebook agreed to continue performing more surgeries on her to make her into whatever she is right now.

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