Blake Lively – Has She Joined the Plastic Surgery Bandwagon

Blake Lively is no stranger to Hollywood; she began her acting career at the age of eight when she starred in her father’s directed movie, the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants.

She has evolved over the years with the drastic changes on her nose and eyes prove that Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors may not be so baseless. However, Blake has still managed to be a beautiful sweetheart with millions of fans and followers.

Blake won our hearts when she played Serena on the CW’s teen show Gossip Girl where she was the high school’s Queen Bee and revered among many.

Blake Lively after plastic surgery 2015

She has also starred in major movies such as Simon Says, Accepted, Elvis and Annabelle among many other and has also received various awards such as the Teen Choice Award for her performance on the Sisterhood movie.

Blake is a multi-talented actress who always makes our hearts melt with her bright smile and gorgeous figure. When Blake Lively plastic surgery suspicions first surfaced, most were taken aback as she was still perfect as she had always been. For those who’ve seen her at openings and on screen, there seems to be a lot of questions with majority of people wondering of just how much of her beauty is natural and what portion of it has been enhanced.

Blake Lively 2015

With her drastic hair changes and style evolution, Blake did a pretty good job at masking her plastic surgery. Sources close to her defended her saying that she is still natural and that the changes might have been due to make up and lighting illusions.

Blake Lively Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the surgical term for a nose job. Rhinoplasty wave has taken the world by storm with all people young or old, male or female opting for the surgery. The procedure is aimed at changing the appearance and making some alterations to a patient’s nose according to one’s preference.

Blake Lively nose job before and after
Blake Lively nose job before and after

An examination into some of Blake’s before and after photos, there is a major difference in her nose structure. From her previous wide nose to a better slimmer perfect nose. From a side angle the bridge of her nose appears smaller and curved, from a straight wide nose. Her nose tip also appears to be slightly altered to a less pointy appearance though it was not shortened. Having a nose job is quit tricky as the doctor must pay close attention not to alter it too much such that it does not suit your face!

Blake Lively Eye surgery

From her Gossip Girl days, Blake spotted some hooded eyelids which she used to overcompensate with lots of eye shadow, rumors have it that she opted to ‘fix’ and open them by having eyelid surgery. Her hooded eyes could be clearly seen as she smiles which is not the case now.

Blake Lively then and now

Her eyes appear ‘opened’ up and brighter with the crease of her eyes more visible. When you look at Blake Lively post-operative photos and compare them with her before the eye surgery, you’ll notice the distinction. You will see different looks of her eyes. However, the most observable differences are seen clearly on her nose.

Blake Lively boob job

There is a slight increase in her breast size which spurs suspicions of a breast augmentation procedure. She responded to this rumors saying that the increase in her breasts is a likely result of her giving birth.

Yes, we are not disputing that pregnancy comes with larger breasts, but Mother Nature does not give perfectly shaped bosoms. The only logical explanation for her firm perfectly crafted breasts is Breast Augmentation.

Blake Lively breast implants photo
Blake Lively breast implants photo

Most people argue that Blake Lively might have lost her uniqueness and simple attributes by opting for plastic surgery, but she does not look that bad. She might not look like the sweet teen star we once knew but we advise that she should stop there or else risk overdoing it!

Proof of Blake Lively’s plastic surgery is evidently noted in her before and after surgery pictures. Prior to the surgery, her nose had wide bridges, but now she has much narrower bridges with a really pretty nose. These modifications have not only made her look younger, but also attractive and more popular.

The surgery has completely changed her figure into a smarter celebrity and her beauty not only appeals to her fans, but coworkers and media as well.

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