Bridget Moynahan Net Worth & Hairstyles

Bridget Moynahan net worth is a culmination of the actress’ work in magazines, TV, commercials and motion pictures. Born as Kathryn Bridget Moynahan on April 28, 1971, Bridget Moynahan is currently valued to be worth $25 million.

Bridget developed an interest in modeling when she was studying at Longmeadow High School, Massachusetts. At the time, she began appearing in department catalogues and magazines. Later on, she began getting endorsements to do TV commercials after which she begun taking classes that saw her become a full-time professional actress.

Bridget Moynahan net worth 2016

Bridget’s modelling career took shape when she moved to New York. It here that she made appearances in the covers of prestigious magazines including Vogue, Elle and Glamour. According to actress, this was a lucrative world and she loved to model.

Bridget’s debut on TV came in 1999 when she got a spot in Sex and the City. Here she got a recurring role as Natasha. In 2006, she got a role in one season of Six Degrees. In 2010 she appeared in Ramona and Beezus as well as in the TV show Blue Bloods. She has also been in various other TV series.

Bridget Moynahan

Her first role in motion pictures was in the 2000 film Coyote Ugly. This opened doors to other opportunities in film where she got roles in movies such as The Sum of All Fears, Lord of War, I, Robot,The Recruit and John Wick. All these have added up to the sum of Bridget Moynahan net worth.

Bridget Moynahan Hairstyles

Bridget Moynahan Short Hairstyles

Bridget Moynahan's Short Curly Hairstyle
Short Curly Hairstyle (source)
Bridget Moynahan's Short Hairstyle
Bridget Moynahan's short hairstyles with bangs
Bridget Moynahan’s short hairstyles with bangs (source)

Bridget Moynahan Long Hairstyles

Bridget Moynahan's layered haircut
Bridget Moynahan’s layered haircut (source)
Bridget Moynahan's wavy haircut
Bridget Moynahan’s wavy haircut (source)
Bridget Moynahan's Long Wavy Hairstyles
Bridget Moynahan’s Long Wavy Hairstyles (source)

Notably Bridget has been in relationships with Scott Rosenberg, Tom Brady with whom she had a baby boy in 2007. She has lived in Pacific Palisades California and in October 2015, she married Andrew Frankel in The Hamptons.

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