Britney Spears Plastic Surgery: Secret Behind Her Youthful Face

Britney Spears became a pop icon during the late 1990’s and her work earned different awards including a Grammy Award, six MTV Video Music Awards that includes the Lifetime Achievement Award, and 9 Billboard Music awards. She also became a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2012, she became the best- selling teenage artist of all time as well as the highest paid female musician of 2012. In 2003, Spears had a nose surgery to improve her looks and make her more beautiful. Because she has changed her look and styles many times over the years, it is very hard to tell if she has really undergone plastic surgery.

Britney Spears after surgery 2015

She does not deny, however, the surgery in her nose because its shape was different when she first entered the industry and became famous. Her nose surgery has made her more attractive and sexier than before because it has more details, leaner, and slimmer. This is the only surgery that she has admitted.

Early this 2014, rumors spread about Spears unrecognizable look as she posed on the “Women’s Health” cover, where she took a stunning pose with her voluptuous body and fab belly but with a very questionable face appearance. Some says that she underwent plastic surgery or liposuction to improve her body and done something to her face to look more beautiful.

Britney Spears nose job before and after
Britney Spears nose job before and after

Britney Spears admitted that in order for her to maintain her girlish looks, she gets a little help by visiting plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia, who is also the surgeon of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, and Ashlee Simpson. Spears didn’t have any plastic surgery but admitted on having occasional injection like lip-syncing or lip injections, and chemical peels.

Britney Spears lip plastic surgery photo
Lip enhancement

She said that to maintain a youthful face, she uses the new Shiseido face wash and moisturizer. She also admitted in an interview that Dr. Kanodia sometimes does fun stuff to her by applying a peptide-based face-care product on her face overnight doing wonderful results on her face. She said that the product eliminate the lines under and around here eyes, makes her cheekbones a bit higher than normal, her jawline more detailed, and her neck look thinner.

Britney Spears's Liposuction

When it comes to her voluptuous body and fab belly, Spears said that she did not undergo any surgery but she is just very serious about doing her work out for the past few months after her pregnancy. When she cannot go to the gym, she is doing her workout at home to maintain her sexy figure.

Britney Spears Tattoos:

Britney Spears Tattoos
Britney Spears Tattoos
Britney Spears Tattoos
Britney Spears Tattoos

In her video posted on E!Online, Spears obliquely tried to prove false statements about her undergoing plastic surgery by letting her fans be present during her photo shoot where the light effects and her make up give her a more gorgeous and stunning look. Her fans have seen her perform live and they are all convinced that the look is just a result of the wonder of her make up coupled with skillful photo editing.

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