Bruce Jenner Net Worth and Body Measurements

The name Bruce Jenner is very familiar to many people as the winner of Olympic Gold that he achieved at Summer Olympic Games, hosted at Montreal in1976. Moreover, Bruce is also a well-known personality in relation to his family background.

He is the father of Brody Jenner, who is one of the recognized television stars. However there are various sources that raise Bruce Jenner net worth to $100,000,000, and as a result, he is a regular guest on television and a motivational speaker.

Bruce Jenner net worth

Bruce’s career in the earlier periods of life

Bruce Jenner was born in the city of New York. He is the son of Esther R. and William Hugh Jenner. Bruce started his education in Sleepy Hollow High School. After one year, he was admitted into Newtown High School.

Jenner got a scholarship in football and engaged himself with Graceland College in Iowa; however, a knee injury compelled him to stop participating in football, and after that, he shifted to the decathlon. Then, he was trained by Graceland’s track trainer L.D. Weldon. This trainer recognized the talents of Jenner and inspired him to follow the decathlon. Bruce participated in the decathlon in 1970, and got the fifth position.

Bruce Jenner’s Body Measurements

Height– 1.88m or 6 feet 2 inches
Weight– 88kg or 194 lbs
Size of the shoes– N/A

Jenner’s success in Olympic games

In USA Olympic trials in 1972, Jenner got the 3rd place, and in Munich games of the same year, he obtained 10th place. His victory prompted him to dedicate himself to the best training schedule. Outside his training hours, he sold insurance. He realized that he was backed by his spouse, Chrystie Crownover, who was an airline flight attendant.

Bruce Jenner Olympics Photo
Bruce Jenner Olympics Photo

While he got success in Olympic decathlon, he become a national hero, and received James E. Sullivan Award in 1976 as the best amateur sportsperson in the USA. Jenner was moreover named as Associated Press Male Athlete in 1976.

Popularity of Bruce Jenner as a celebrity

In the decade of 1970, the Olympic contestants were not considered as the professional ones, and as a result, they were not completely allowed to seek payment for their status as sports stars. After his success in Olympic, Jenner started to cash in on the celebrity position. Just after the Games, Bruce involved himself in Wheaties, which is a brand of breakfast cereal.

Among lots of sports persons who have been included, Bruce is one of the Wheaties spokesmen. Besides, he was requested to visit the White House in order to assemble with Gerald R. Ford, the President who autographed one political caricature, which included the pair.

Bruce Jenner

Further appearances on TV

Jenner presented himself on a range of game programs and reality television shows. In The American Sportsman, he worked with Grits Gresham. Jenner has also acted as a guest reviewer on Animal Planet’s Pet Star.

In 2002, he took part in an event of The Weakest Link featuring Olympic athletes. Other TV and talk shows in which Jenner appeared comprised Gym Teacher: The Movie, Murder She Wrote, Identity and many more. He was associated with Tai Babilonia just for Skating.

Since 2007, Bruce has appeared in E! reality series, along with his spouse Kris Jenner and some stepdaughters. Season 2 included almost 1.6 million spectators, which was an increase over preceding series. Bruce has even made cameo roles on the spinoff series of the show. And all these lead to an increase of Bruce Jenner Net Worth.

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner
Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner

Bruce in the business world

His business, Bruce Jenner Aviation, deals in aircraft materials to managers and companies. Jenner was the advertising name for Nautilus & Aerobics in1980s. Bruce had no possession in the centers. Some fitness centers were possessed by David Cirotto. These centers were once traded to Super Fitness Centers, possessed by martial arts specialist Paul Snow.

Real estate and properties

Bruce Jenner net worth includes a residence in Malibu, and this covers a land of eleven acres. This luxurious residence includes glass pocket doors, which open to outside living area, indoor and also outdoor hearths and radiant heated grounds. Moreover, it has a bar, one garage apartment, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The cost of the house is $3.575 million. It can be concluded that hard work and enthusiasm helped Bruce Jenner to get a high status.

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