Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Before & After Photos

Bruce Jenner has had many titles and achievements starting as an Olympic gold medalist in decathlon to being the patriarch of the Kardashian clan. All of these titles, however, play second fiddle to his changing appearance. In fact, his face receives more attention and becomes the topic of many conversations than his achievement as a celebrated artist.

Bruce Jenner is no stranger to plastic surgery having his first one in the mid-80s where he had a partial face-lift and nose job. The result, however, was not what he expected and it severely affected his self-esteem. In fact, this procedure has landed him a spot in the ‘worst plastic surgeries of all times‘ list. He even remarked that critics even compared his surgery to Michael Jackson, a comparison he is not too proud of.

Worst plastic surgery - Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner – Worst plastic surgery

The experience would have created some aversion in some people regarding plastic surgery but not Bruce who has undergone further surgery to correct the first procedure in 2009. The event was part of an episode of their reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Despite his satisfaction with the second procedure, Bruce was not safe from media scrutiny who continuously taunted him for his ever-changing appearance. He even had a feud with Jimmy Fallon on the latter’s show after the late-night talk show host made some harsh remarks about his operation.

Now in his 60s and following his divorce with Kris after a 22-year marriage, Bruce is undergoing some transformation once again. No, we are not talking about growing his hair long in a pony tail or having his nails manicured, but he has decided to remove his Adam’s apple.

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery changes!

The process called laryngeal shave would flatten the former Olympian’s Adam’s apple. Because of this announcement, there were rumors that Jenner has planned to undergo gender transition, he vehemently denied them saying that he has long hated the bulge on his throat and is just taking the steps to remove them. For him, he was just experimenting with his looks.

To show that he is not afraid of this, he even cross-dressed on the film spoof, The Hungover Games where he was seen wearing a wig and dark green lipstick. Aside from this, he has also been criticized for his excessive eyebrow tweezing which gave him a more feminine look.

Bruce Jenner then and now
Bruce Jenner then and now

When experts were asked about Jenner’s unusual preoccupation about changing his looks constantly, they said that this can be a symptom of a condition called body dysmorphic disorder where a person has an unrealistic view of the way he looks.

When asked about this, Jenner’s family and close friends say that this is not a problem to the former athlete but in fact, it has even made him happy.

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