Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Botox

Cameron Diaz is a celebrity actress who has featured in movies such as ‘Bad Teacher’, ‘There is Something About Mary’, ‘In Her Shoes’, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and most recently ‘The Other Woman’ among other movies.

She has gone through numerous plastic surgeries to boost her appearance. Some Cameron Diaz plastic surgery procedures have been just rumors but we are going to mention all of them and look at them in detail. She has done a face lift, multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasty), Botox, chemical peels, fillers and possibly a boob job.

Nose jobs

Cameron Diaz admitted to have had multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasty) four times. Though, she cited that she had a deviated septum and breathing problems and so she had to have a nose job for medical reasons.

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery before and after
Cameron Diaz plastic surgery before and after

However, most celebrity gossip websites and other sources also believe that she did not do it only on medical grounds but also for cosmetic enhancement. But she is not the only one in the list of Hollywood celebrities who have had a nose job on medical grounds; the list also includes Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Tisdale who have also admitted to have had a deviated septum.

Botox or fillers

In her most recent photos, Diaz is observed to have a much fuller and smoother face when compared to her previous photos. However, it is not possible to tell whether it is due to weight gain or Botox; but one thing that is for sure is that when filler injections are used, they result to a smoother, fuller face with chipmunk cheeks and that is exactly what is depicted on her face in the most recent photos.

Cemeron Diaz then and now
Cemeron Diaz then and now

However, she regrets has admitted to regretting the Botox. This is because, much as her fans think that she looks great, stunning and a charming smile, she prefers to have her old face back. She says that her new face looks and feels different. It feels like it does not belong to her.

Boob job

It is not confirmed whether she has had a boob job but comparison of her previous photos and her most recent photos shows a difference in the size of her breasts. Her breasts look slightly bigger and fuller in her most recent photos as compared to her previous photos. Feel free to post your feedback on whether she had a boob job or not.

Cameron Diaz breast implants before and after
Breast implants or natural?

Chemical peels

She has multiple chemical peels in order to boost her appearance. When comparing her most recent photos to those of before, her skin looks very different; it looks much fairer and lighter than before.

Her plastic surgery came as a shock to most of her fans. She has released her own book about body boost. In this book she talks about finding your inner beauty and she has not mentioned anything about her plastic surgery. She has also emphasized on the need to eat organic foods and exercise regularly.

She has also admitted to having a problem with acne despite trying out most medical procedures. Turns out at the end of the day, celebrities go through the same problems as we do!

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