Carol Costello Plastic Surgery – Main Reason For Her Ageless And Youthful Appearance

Carol Costello is best known as CNN anchor. Even though she has been 53 years old, she looked maintaining her appearance pretty well. She got gorgeous look and hot body figure. Talking about her facial look, some medias reported that this beautiful woman had already gone under the knife to save her young face. Based on the news spread, it seems Carol had taken facelift and botox injection as her aging problem solver.


Everyone must have known well this famous CNN news anchor, Carol Costello. Yeah, her name is lately being hot topic of discussion. She reportedly got plastic surgery so that her appearance looks ageless though her age is almost 53 years old. Her face does not have many wrinkles or other sagging skin, but it still appears tight, smooth, and fresh.

Botox or Injections?

It is weird to see Carol Costello’s face without sagging skin or lines around forehead, whereas she has reached the age of 53. Several years ago, there were some wrinkles spotted on her face but now they disappear. Normally, woman over 50s always have lines on forehead and under eyes. Maybe Carol Costello Plastic Surgery is successfully done to remove those aging lines. Therefore, her appearance looks like women in 40s.

Carol Costello
Carol Costello Plastic Surgery
Carol Costello Plastic Surgery
Young Carol Costello
Carol Costello Plastic Surgery Before After
Carol Costello Before After

Carol Costello Details:

Full Name: Carol Costello

Net Worth: $15 million

Occupation: CNN News presenter

Nationality: American

Marital Status: Married

Carol Costello Body Measurements:

Height: 5 ‘8” /168 cm

Weight: 57 kg /115 pounds

Measurements: 36-28-35

Bra size: 34C

Dress Size: 4

Shoe Size: 7

Hair Color: Brown Dark

Eye Color: Brown Dark

To gain flawless look, Carol Costello certainly has another treatment beside botox injection. She is suspected applying facelift as well. With facelift, sagging skin becomes tighter. It is effective to make her face looks younger. Most of people tend to combine facelift and botox to get maximum result. Thus, Carol Costello’s appearance remains fresh and smooth as if she never gets old.

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