Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery – A New Face, an Old Identity

Cosmetic surgery has been a redefining style statement nowadays with so many people going for it. Be it the celebrities, the rich folks or the gangsters, plastic surgeries are very much in practice nowadays with people refusing to grow old.

One such celebrity is Carol Vorderman who has remolded herself (of course plastic surgery) into a 30 years old woman being a mother of two and actually being 53 and counting. The kind of signs, which can be seen in her appearances, surely indicates that she has had some kind of surgery on her face and nose.

Carol Vorderman plastic surgery before and after
Carol Vorderman plastic surgery before and after

Plastic surgeries have been a part of many famous people’s life now including Kim Kardashian, Megan FoxTaylor Swift and many more!. With the rise in the medical field and the cosmetic therapies and surgeries, it’s very easy to look young even when you are not.

Carol Vorderman surprised the whole of world by her redefining style statement. A lot of rumor has come up involving Carol Vorderman and her bodily features. The rumor that she has gone for a plastic surgery can’t be proved legally but the signs are very much straight and obvious. First of all let’s get accustomed to Carol Vorderman and then get more info about Carol Vorderman’s plastic surgery!!

Who is Carol Vorderman?

Carol Vorderman's body

She is an English broadcaster who has an IQ of 154. A mother of two now, has shocked everybody by her appearances and physical change, which makes her, looks as if she is in her thirties and not fifties. Her major turning point came in 1982, when she started hosting the show, Countdown in Channel 4. Better homes and Sunday Night Project being some of her other ventures in the presentation department. She studied civil engineering and initially got a job for the same field before joining the television industry. She married twice and has two children who are as famous as she is.

Carol Corderman with her daughter Katie
Carol Corderman with her daughter Katie (source)

She has had a lot of ups and downs in her life with her never lasting relationships. Yet she survived it all, and has lived with her mother all her love and has one brother as well. All this resulted in a bad drinking habit, which she had for several years until 2010 when she quit it, and it was the very first foundation of the valor and youth she has right now.

carol vorderman bum

Plastic surgery and others

She quit drinking and the results are very obvious right now. She lost a lot weight and looks fresh as a watermelon all the time. Her before and after photographs are an evident to the fact that she has gone for plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatment and she looks more than alive right now.

carol vorderman plastic surgery

Carol Vorderman, 53, seems as if she has the access to the fountain of youth with the kind of results which can be seen in her face and body. Did Carol Vorderman have a plastic surgery? Well, the results are talking in its favor and the results are very apt and obvious.

Lips and no wrinkles or spots..

Her lips being another differentiating factor. It looks different and poutier, increasing the beauty of her face and her exceedingly sexy personality. She has gone against the odds and the society who tend to make fun of people who cross the lines and the barriers and by making a successful attempt to look beautiful.

carol vorderman plastic surgery photos

Nobody can deny the fact that she went under the operating knife so as to become a bit bolder and beautiful but at the same time the television presenter is said to be in a very good shape because of the fact that she doesn’t drink at all nowadays. Her wrinkles can’t be seen right now and has a major face lift thing. The kind of facial sturdiness, which can be seen, it can be anticipated that she did have a plastic surgery.

Carol Vorderman vs Kim Kardashian
Carol Vorderman vs Kim Kardashian (source)

Personal Information

Full name: Carol Jean Vorderman
Net worth: $18 million
Occupation: presenter, television host
Nationality: British
Marital status: divorced

Carol Vorderman Body Statistics

Height: 5’5″ (165 cms)
Weight: 121lbs (55kg)
Bra Size: 32D
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: light brown
Shoe size: 10(US)
Dress size: 6
Measurements: 36-27-35 inches (95-69-90cms)
Body shape: Hourglass

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