Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) Plastic Surgery Disaster Story

Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) plastic surgery experiences in attempts to alter her face could give you Surgeon phobia, that phobia where you see a surgeon and run the other direction.

Am not dissing, just calling a spade a spade and in this case the spade has a broken handle.

Jocelyn wanted to look like a cat and went for the look without a second thought and that particular decision has made me grab a keyboard and write this article; had she decided otherwise, we wouldn’t be here.

Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn Wildenstein

The 73-year-old initially decided to reconstruct her aging face so she could give it a more feline look so as to help save her marriage to millionaire art dealer, Alec Wildenstein. Surprisingly, it didn’t! in fact, it made the situation worse when Alec, terrified by her new look, screamed in horror, divorcing her and leaving her with millions.

Jocelyn, with all the money at her disposal thought of nothing, but another surgery. She has since spent about $5 million on her newly-found exotic cat face in a bid to make herself more appealing to her acting career.

Jocelyn is now a New York City Socialite popular for her EXTENSIVE facial surgeries and her extravagant life. By the way, her phone bills could feed several children’s homes as she once said was $60k. With such a life one would surely keep pets but NOT try to look like the pet by opting for a battalion of alterations to your God given face like Madam Catwoman.

Jocelyn Wildenstein young (before surgery)
Jocelyn Wildenstein young (before surgery)

Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) plastic surgery started when she was insecure about her relationship with her then millionaire art dealer husband one Mr. Alec, mind you they still divorced and maybe she literally scared him way!!

You might be thinking the word extensive is exaggerating but far from it. Here are what Catwoman plastic surgery got involved in:


If I told you to guess am sure you wouldn’t get it because Jocelyn has undergone through at least SEVEN facelifts. I wonder what she wanted to achieve and though this may sound harsh, I have never seen anybody work this hard to fail because in the end she looks worse.

Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery pic
Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery pic

If you have any doubt look for her 1970 s photos and you will see what I mean here. Catwoman’ plastic surgery on this case was a complete waste of time and money.

Eye reconstruction surgery

You know how the eyes of a cat look? If yes don’t go trying to get like them because you might end up looking like Catwoman if not worse (by that I mean dead!).

Jocelyn like any other normal person has a favorite animal and that is definitely cat. From this love of the cat the idea of eyes reconstruction was born and so was this Jocelyn we know. She wanted squinted eyes, maybe to see at night, and she did get them but at a high cost in every aspect, now her eyes are not a match for her face.

Jocelyn Wildenstein then and now
Jocelyn Wildenstein then and now

Collagen injection

Collagen injection is one of the surgical procedures performed on those who want to erase frown lines, crow’s feet and smile lines (nasolabial folds). This procedure has been around for some time, but with the introduction of tissue fillers known to last longer such as Restylane, they have waned in popularity.

Jocelyn Wildenstein collagen injection was performed to give her skin a plumper, smoother appearance. In pursuit of beauty, Jocelyn had an encounter with collagen injections to her lips, chin and cheeks. Why? I don’t really know; nobody does. What I know is that it was a bad decision even for a socialite raving through the nights of New York City.

7 times and getting worse, going through injections and 4 million DOLLARS up in smoke make me almost sympathize with Catwoman, majorly because of those $4M, but sympathy can do nothing to reverse the process.

Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery changes
Wow! what a change

While you and I are judging her, she still has the confidence to hit red carpets all over America and dining with the who is who in Hollywood -have to admire her for that part.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are multiple lessons from Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) plastic surgery for everybody; 1. Let the wild stay in the wild, 2. Think before opening your wallet/purse, 3. Don’t alter your looks to please anybody and lastly, Cats are not so attractive after all!

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