Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cosmetic surgeries, Botox treatments, jaw uplift, nose job etc have proven to be game changers for a lot of celebrities and important personas around the globe. People have come in large numbers and have gone through these therapies and surgeries so as to have better external feature.

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery is a hot topic on which people talk about discussing whether the ex-president’s daughter has gone for a cosmetic operation or not. Working out in the gym, doing yoga and going for jogging helps you to build your body but these can’t make your face look good. For betterment of the face extra care should be taken, be it the natural way or the artificial way. The celebrities have taken this thing very seriously and a lot can be heard and seen in today’s world.

chelsea clinton plastic surgery before and after photo
Chelsea Clinton before and after plastic surgery

Chelsea Clinton has done a lot for her skin and face and other features like hair and teeth and all this is very important for her as she has taken up these at such an early age. Normally, people do these when they cross the 45 years mark. But out of the odds, Chelsea has gone under the knife and come up with a curvy body and a beautiful face which makes her too hot to handle. The kind of results, which can be seen on her, makes her that extra edge over others in the same age group.

Who is Chelsea Clinton?

Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the daughter of Bill Clinton, the ex US president and Hillary Clinton who contested against Barack Obama, the first even afro American president.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton & Chelsea Clinton
The Clinton family!

Chelsea is currently working in the Democratic Party and looking after the Clinton foundation. She is vice chairwoman of the foundation and also looks after the school of American ballet as she is one in their board. NBC announced in 2011, that she is their special correspondent as she reported her stories from the MAKING A DIFFERENCE for NBC nightly news. In April, 2013, she interviewed a widely talked and liked about personality, Geico Gecko.

She married Marc Mezvinsky in 2010 and is happily married till now. She is a vegan and a hardcore gym freak and doesn’t want even a sight piece of fat around her body and this is one of the main reasons that she has such a lovely face and lively body. The treatments she has gone under can be jotted down as follows.

The Cosmetic Procedures and Other Good Habits

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery has been an issue to talk about in the recent past and that’s not all. The famous Chelsea is rumored to have gone through these as well.

Jaw lift

she is rumored to have a major jaw lift operation because after seeing her after and before pictures her jaw looks more firm and uptight. Jaw being a very defining and important feature can be operated upon to give a good shape and solid texture, which has evidently, given her a proper face cut, which looks very beautiful and sexy on her.

Chelsea Clinton nose job and jaw lift
Nose job and jaw lift


she is said to have taken Botox injections as because her skin looks very smooth and lively suddenly after her marriage. The Botox injection might be responsible for her uptight skin tone and skin texture.

Chelsea Clinton then and now
Chelsea Clinton then and now

Nose Job and Hair Straightening

supposedly, she has gone for a nose job and due to which her nose looks very much pointy and nice. She has also straightened her hair, which looks amazing sweet on her. Nose job or rhinoplasty can be quickly identified because nose is such a part of our body which when changes, cannot go unnoticed. She is rumored to have gone for one and whether true or false, her nose looks better than before!!

chelsea clinton hairstyles
Chelsea Clinton’s hair!

Chelsea Clinton has been reported to have had gone for a plastic surgery before her marriage and because of that she looks better and bolder. She is 35 now but it’s hard to believe that. Her health habits are also responsible for her good external features.

Vegan and Whiter Teeth

She is a vegan and has also taken extra care for her teeth which whiter now. She has also take good care of her skin apart from the therapies and surgeries which makes her a beautiful and intelligent diva of this century.

Chelsea Clinton with husband and daughter
Chelsea Clinton with her husband Marc Mezvinsky and daughter Charlotte

Personal Information

Full name: Chelsea Victoria Clinton
Net worth: $5 million
Occupation: Businesswoman
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married

Body Statistics

Height: 177 cm
Weight: 127bs (58kg)
Bra Size: 34C
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: blue
Measurements: 34-23-37 inches

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