Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery: a Successful Procedure

Like all other things, plastic surgery has two faces – the good and the bad. The bad represents the failed procedures which have harmed patients more than help them while the good enhances one’s good looks. With these realities, plastic surgery is one big risk any person would take because you don’t really know the final outcome.

Among those blessed with a successful procedure is Christie Brinkley, who first gained worldwide fame in the 70s by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated and becoming the face of Cover Girls for more than two decades. She has been named as one of the most attractive women many times by various magazines, such as Playboy and Allure. Aside from being a model, she is also an author, a performing artist, an architect, and a photographer among others.

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery before and after
Christie Brinkley plastic surgery before and after

Now in her 60s, the famous celebrity has still managed to maintain her youthful looks which rival even those who are in their twenties. On the other hand, this has also sparked gossips and rumors about Christie Brinkley plastic surgery procedures that could have kept her young through the years.

Not only is her exquisite face the subject of many controversies, but also her body which remained extraordinarily perfect. Despite the gossips, many are in awe at the result of Christie Brinkley surgery procedures which has more than preserved her youth, but also enhanced her looks. She has become more stunning and in no way looking like plastic, which is the best thing about Christie Brinkley’s surgery.

There’s even no evidence of sagging skin on her neck which is typical of those who have undergone plastic surgery. This leaves a lot of people contemplating as to what procedures has she undergone to gain that natural look.

Christie Brinkley then and now
Christie Brinkley then and now

Some medical experts give their own opinions saying that her flawless skin is the result of chemical peels and laser treatments while her wrinkle-free forehead gets extra help from Botox. Furthermore, she could have her eyelids lifted surgically.

This is what experts call as restorative surgery, a process which celebrities subject themselves in order to look good and stay in shape always.

However, no matter how much you want to keep your face look young, you cannot always have the satisfactory results you want. In addition, plastic surgery is not the only way how to maintain one’s appearance, but also a solid and healthy lifestyle.

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