Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery – Successful Boob Job Before & After

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery has been creating buzz among the media for a long time. Christina Hendricks is the famous star of Mad Men and her curvy body has been creating stir among the fans ever since the inception of the show. She has a very sexy body and it is apt for the seductive role she plays in the show.

However, her breasts size has led to the buzz that maybe they are not real and she had opted for breast implants. The actress has never accepted or denied the rumor mill and hence it becomes challenging to know whether she actually did a boob job.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery

A comparison of her before and after pictures shows a distinct change in her breast size. Though she already had big enough breasts before the show, the current size is appealing as well. The breast surgery of Christina Hendricks is one of the few success stories of plastic surgeries in Hollywood. So let us take a closer look at the plastic surgeries she undertook in order to enhance her appearance.

Christina Hendricks hot boobs

Breast Implants Before and After

This is the primary surgery which attracts our attention the most. Her surgery is evident from the enhanced size of her voluminous breast. However, the surgery was done very nicely by her surgeon and her breasts are in perfect proportion with the body. They are not too perfectly round and look very natural with her chest line when she wears a push up bra.

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery before and after

Christina Hendricks hot photo

Other than that, they look very natural and it could have been difficult to discern that she had at all gone for a breast job had we not seen the before pictures of her. Since her boob job, Christina Hendricks seems to be in love with her body. Not only in the show but also outside the show, she is seen to wear figure hugging clothes which reveal a lot of cleavage. She is very confident about her breast size which is evident by how comfortable she is in revealing her cleavage.

Christina Hendricks boob job before and after

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery was not at all a necessity as she had pretty nice boobs even before the surgery. However, like many other Hollywood actresses she may have also harbored the secret desire to be the possessor of an impeccable body. As some plastic surgeons have suggested, the surgery done on Christina was impeccable and in total accordance with her body shape. It’s a good thing that the surgery worked right for her and she had been under a good doctor who knew how to make her breasts look even better.

Christina Hendricks hot photo

Nose Job

Other than going only for breast enlargement, Christina Hendricks plastic surgery also includes a Rhinoplasty or a nose job.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Picture

Her nose job is also perfectly administered and had we not seen her previous photos, we would not have ever guessed that she underwent a nose job. What happens in a Rhinoplasty is that Botox and fillers are used to enhance certain facial features. Her nose was nice enough in the past too, but now her nasal bridge is much narrower which has added symmetry to her face. The nose job has gone successfully and the nose has become a little pointier which looks great with her features.

Christina Hendricks hot picture

The plastic surgeries undertaken by Christina Hendricks have helped her to boost her career in a wonderful manner. Her seductive role in her show Mad Men has been accentuated by her plastic surgeries, which had made her, look much more beautiful. Her fans as well as critics have accoladed her on her perfect plastic surgery. However, the actress herself have not agreed or disagreed to the claims of her plastic surgery. When asked as to whether her breasts were real or fake, she jokingly replied that it is as real as anybody else and anyone who had touched it had known that it is real.

Christina Hendricks with husband Geoffrey Arend
Christina Hendricks with husband Geoffrey Arend

Personal Information

Full name: Christina Rene Hendricks
Net worth: $8 million
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married

Christina Hendricks Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 154 lbs
Measurements: 38-28-37
Bra Size: 34 DDD
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue

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