Ciara Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Boob Job and Liposuction

Competition in the showbiz industry have gone beyond one’s respective field and now beauty and more importantly a perfect figure is what people want no matter which profession they are in.

Ciara has been in this business for quite some time and is experienced enough to gossip and also open fights with celebrities in the business. Her musical talents are exceptional and cannot be questioned at any point.

Ciara’s appearance though has undergone quite a few controversies. The controversy is whether Ciara has undergone plastic surgery to get a ravishing figure. The most recent controversy is about Ciara’s nose job.

Ciara nose job before after
Ciara nose job before after

There has been a significant change in the appearance of her nose. Coming from an African-American descent, it is expected that she will have a bridge and wider nostrils. But now she has a nose where her nostrils don’t look as wide. The size of her nose has been reduced and it looks a lot less pretentious than before. Many though cannot still figure out the reason why should would go under the knife because her nose wasn’t too striking neither did it have any serious defect.

Other than Ciara’s nose job, there are also rumors of her getting liposuction and breast augmentation (Boob Job) done to have a further improved figure. There have been a significant change in her vital stats if you compare them to the stats recorded five to six years back.

Ciara Boob Job Before and After Photo Comparison:

ciara plastic surgery before and after
Breast implants

No matter what procedures she might have undergone, the results have been successful and has made her look better than before. She has the right personality to carry these features with confidence. She is extremely attractive and knows how to sport her assets correctly.

ciara plastic surgery
Ciara in shorts (source)

Ciara is known to have had squabbles with celebrities in the industry like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. Many of these celebrities too have undergone the knife but have mostly hidden those facts and claim their features to be their natural body parts, which haven’t been tampered with artificially. It is often difficult to believe these facts, as most of the celebrities possess and incessant craving to have the best body.

Ciara and Kim Kardashian

Presentation and appeal is what has taken centre stage. This is a new trend in the industry and this trend is also being noticed in the day to day lives of common men too. It is great that people are taking interest in themselves apart from their work but it is extremely important that people do not get too consumed in the idea and go for extremes which might not only harm their look but also the health. It is necessary that people know their limits while trying to change various parts of them to look even better. It is essential that people set their priorities right while changing or accentuating or reducing their features. This trend is being traced very commonly amongst most of the actor and actresses and all those in the showbiz thus influencing the common people.

Ciara and Russell Wilson
Ciara and Russell Wilson (source)

Ciara Princess Harris is one of the most followed and popular singer in today’s date. She has had massive hits and has a great fan following. Her genres are RnB, pop and hip hop. She is not a new artist but an established one. She is not only a singer but also a songwriter, actress and dancer. This versatile lady is famous not only because of the various fields she specialises in but also because she maintains herself in an excellent manner. She is extremely appealing and know how to portray her body to bring out the right appeal.

Ciara’s Personal Information and Body Statistics:

Complete Name: Ciara Princess Harris
Nicknames: The Princess, The First Lady of Crunk, Ci Ci
Date of Birth: October 25, 1985.
Birthplace: Austin, Texas, United States.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Natural Hair Color: Black
Body Measurements: 34-24-35
Bra Size: 32B
Weight: 62 kg (137 pounds)
Height: 5’10”
Dress Size: 4(US)
Shoe Size: 11(US)

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