Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery: Ageless Beauty

Cindy Crawford is the only Supermodel that has managed to look ageless. She rose to fame in the late 80’s gracing various high-end runway shows modeling for big houses like Chanel. It may seem the sands of time has not had a shot at this 40 year old mother of two, she pretty much looks the same if not better!! She was pretty the icon of true beauty untainted by surgery which is no wonder her cosmetic line was that much successful earning her over 25 million pounds, let’s face it who wouldn’t want to look that good?

Cindy had always maintained that eating healthy and exercising was her key to her amazing youthful skin. However, on a recent interview with a popular magazine, she admitted to having been using plastic surgery for the past 11 years, shocker! “When you reach a certain age, there is only so much that the cosmetic crèmes can do for you,” she recently said on the magazine. This was a huge disappointment to her fans and customers, who felt like they were misled on the miracle crèmes abilities, which turn out to be the work of a skillful surgeon!

Cindy Crawford plastic surgery before after
Cindy Crawford plastic surgery before and after

So which surgeries did Cindy Crawford admit to undergo?

Cindy admits to mostly only having injections and no reconstructive surgeries although some of her before and after photos seem to disagree.

Vitamin and collagen injections

Cindy usually astonished people on her ever youthful supple skin that she attributed to a applying a mixture of coffee and olive oil that worked the miracles.

I can only imagine how many women slept with this ‘miracle concoction’ on, only to realize small results. Turns out this miracle mixture was Vitamin and Collagen injections, she should just have admitted to this way earlier and no one would have judged. However, who would have bought her crèmes anyway?!!

Cindy Crawford then and now
Cindy Crawford then and now


You don’t get to be 40 year old with no hints of age catching up without Botox, despite how perfect your genes might have been. Cindy has no wrinkles whatsoever with her skin looking as taught as ever, no crème are skin rejuvenating oil works this well!

Face Fillers and cheek sculpting agents

She also has had several cheek and face fillers put on to relax her skin especially her brow area. Just as the name suggests, cheek-sculpting agents are injected to alter to shape of the cheek and the overall face shape. This regiment has enabled her to maintain her beautiful well-defined cheekbones over the years. Now I am jealous!

Cindy Crawford 2015

Eye surgery

Applying some hawk eye look on her photos, her eyes appear a little bit sunken. This may be a result of her advancing in age but may be proof of overdoing eye surgery. We suspect she might have done some procedures to remove the excess fat around the eyes or maybe had an eyelid lift to defy age related sinking. If the surgeon removes the fat in excess, it results to more hollow sunken eyes like the ones Cindy has been spotting.

The first step to happiness is acceptance; we applaud Cindy Crawford for sort of coming out of the closet and admitting that she is not that natural. Although some of us wish this news came a little earlier before we drained thousands of dollars in ‘miracle crème’ it was a good step nonetheless.

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