27 Courtney Cox Hairstyles – Bob, Pixi, Bangs, Curly, Bun & More

The blue eyed beauty Courtney keeps changing her looks every few months. Courtney Cox hairstyles inspire many of her fans.

In the earlier days of her career, she sported feathered hair and then she changed it to the big mane that was quite popular in 80s. When you’re above 50, you should never ever tie your hair without leaving strands to frame your face, or you’ll end up people staring at your wrinkles.

Let’s check out some of her looks:

Courtney Cox Hairstyles

Courtney Cox Hairstyle

Courtney looks just as cool in a low ponytail as people look when they spend hours to get beach wavy hair:

Courteney Cox low ponytail hairstyle

Long polished tresses compliment her eyelashes and black dress:

Long polished tresses hairstyle

This below two are popular hairstyles from 80s and this picture reminds us of the times when Courtney had thick black hair:

Courtney Cox's 80s hairstyle

Courtney Cox's black hairstyle

Discover your next look with a layered bob like Courtney’s:

Courtney Cox layered bob hairstyle

Courtney Cox bob hairstyles

Courtney Cox bob haircut

A high ponytail with fringed bangs looks adorable when you wear oversized ear rings with it.

Courteney Cox bangs

Messy ponytail is one of the easiest to execute hairstyles but don’t forget to spray your hair for hold throughout the day:Courteney Cox messy ponytail

Hairstyles for fine thin hair :

Those who have thin fine hair can try this look. Take a few strands from each side and pin then towards the back like you do to make a half up hair. Pin your hair on the nape not the back of the crown.

Courteney Cox hairstyle fine thin hair

Courteney Cox hairstyle for thin hair

Courtney Cox Pixi Haircut:

Courtney Cox hairstyles feature an easy to maintain pixie style. A long pixie cut that is left disorientated after applying gel with finger tips.

Courtney Cox Pixi Haircut

Have you ever seen someone with bangs looking so lovely:

Courtney Cox Pixi Hairstyle

When you have beautiful features like Courtney, you can dare to tie your hair without leaving tresses to frame your face. Create a slightly uncombed texture for an added oomph.

Courtney Cox Hairstyles

Courtney Cox tied hairstyles

Slightly rolled and curled short bob looks so nice on Courtney with finely side swept hair.

Courteney Cox short bob hairstyle

Side swept bangs with spiky layers look totally chic. You can style these layers with a flat paddle brush going opposite to your hairline.

Courteney Cox side swept bangs haircut

A swooped short hair is cut with bangs, and it is first blow dried and then smoothed out with a serum.

Courteney Cox short haircut
(Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Beachy waves make a perfect combination of being chaotic and sophisticated at the same time.

Courteney Cox wavy hairstyle

First comb all your bangs and then create horizontal sections. Then curl them opposite to hairline with a big round brush to get the look:

Courteney Cox half curly half straight hairstyle

A short pixie is easier to style when you place a headband on your crown:

Courteney Cox short pixi haircut

Short layered bob with zig-zag partition in the center looks very stylish. Courtney Cox hairstyles are unique in that they always look stylish even with low maintenance.

Courtney Cox short layered bob hairstyle

Courtney Cox layered bob haircut

Sleek fine hair are combed slightly on left and then straightened with a flat iron to create this simple and sultry look:

Courtney Cox simple hairstyle

You know you don’t need a lot of thick hair to create a bun like below. Keep your hand loose while you create the bun and it will look like as if there is a lot of hair in the bun.

Courtney Cox bun hairstyle
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

This is a perfect way to flaunt a beautiful bejeweled hair accessory you had in your jewelry box for months.

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