Courteney Cox’s Plastic Surgery Made Her Look Unnatural

When it comes to plastic surgery, it is never a surprise to hear that a certain Hollywood celebrity has gone under the knife. In fact, it is already a trend, if not a way of life, for celebrities to have surgical enhancements or transformation for a number of different reasons.

For some, it is the proverbial search for the the fountain of youth and the desire to be eternally young-looking. For others, it is to enhance what they already have to further boost their self-esteem.

Courteney Cox 2015

No matter what the reason is, there is no doubt about the risks involved in plastic surgery. Despite the reality of the risks, however, it has not stopped many people, celebrities and ordinary citizens alike, to turn to plastic surgeons and have their looks altered. Among the celebrity plastic surgeries, the latest of these is regarding Courteney Cox plastic surgery enhancements.

Botox and Lasers

To credit her, the actress has outrightly admitted to turning to Botox to make her face line-free and fresh. However, a lot of people have been noticing the changes on her looks that the nagging question that has been circulating is whether Courteney Cox has become bolder and has gone beyond Botox.

Why these speculations? The most obvious is of course her wrinkle-free face, a fact that a lot of people consider as extraordinary given her age. Courteney Cox, who is already in her fifties, admitted that she is not just a huge fan of botulin injections, but also of laser treatments.

Courtney Cox plastic surgery before after
Courteney Cox plastic surgery before after

She believes that lasers are the future tools in surgery and even enthuses that she gains more self-confidence after undergoing these procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Her breasts are another item of speculations in gossip magazines as well. Some believe that Courteney Cox’s plastic surgery did not just stop at Botox and lasers. They said that if you compare her pictures when she was still playing Monica in “Friends” to her pictures now, you will be able to notice that her breasts appear bigger leading to conclusions that she must have had breast augmentation as well.

Courtney Cox breast implants before after
Courteney Cox breast implants before after

Lips Augmentation and Cheek Fillers

During the earlier years when she admitted to using Botox, Courteney Cox said that when these treatments are used sparingly, the results are good. Thus, she added, they should never be over-used. In recent years, however, it seems that the actress retracted her earlier words as she appears puffy faced, most probably the result of cheek fillers. Her lips also look wider and pouty making others suspect that she has followed suit to celebrities like Meg Ryan to have lips augmentation.

Critics say that although her breast augmentation and botox injections have good results, the other enhancements are bad ideas as part of Courteney Cox’s plastic surgery because she looks unnatural with them.

Courteney Cox

The Verdict

Courteney Cox does not confirm whether she has had the other procedures aside from Botox and laser. She often says that her looks are a product of a healthy lifestyle. Some experts also agree and back her claim that her looks are indeed a result of healthy choices rather than through unnatural means. Whether or not she will admit, the procedures of Courteney Cox plastic surgery can never be judged as a failure or success.

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