David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Rumors…TRUE

David Coverdale was born on September 22, 1951 in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire, England. After spending the early 1970s with the band Deep Purple, Coverdale split from the band and released two solo albums, White Snake and Northwinds. In the late 1970s, Coverdale founded the rock band Whitesnake, which became incredibly famous soon after. The band scored a No. 1 hit in the late 1980s, with “Here I Go Again.”

David Coverdale
David Coverdale

Hence he has made his unique name in the list of famous singers and has passed his major part of life as 63 year of his age. On reaching this age his face skin becomes excess that was not so good for his profession so he decide to have a plastic surgery rumor. Have a look down his plastic surgery before and after pictures for a better comparison.


The detail that really stands out is actually more of a couple of questions, was there total Botox overkill? or was his procedure done at the hands of an incompetent surgeon? Once again, we may never know but what looks like a fact that it had to be a Botox related thing.

Years Changes
Many Years Ago
David Coverdale Plastic Surgery
At the Rock Concert

In the end, whatever ever Coverdale had done, it ended up altering his look to becoming rather girlyish. It stands to be uncertain but it looks like an incident that would be categorized under botched procedure. There also appears to be some relations to a facial reconstruction possibly, but everything in the matter still remains unclear.

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery
Fiat Party
Too much Surgeries
White and Black Photo
Wild Smile
Fiat Party

David Coverdale Personal Information

Full name: David Coverdale
Net worth: $150 million
Occupation: Singer
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married

David Coverdale Body Statistics

Height: 6 ft 9 in or 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg or 185 pounds
Dress Size: 12
Shoe Size: 12
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

David Coverdale hide the story of his plastic surgery but his before and after appearance is making a doubt that he must have a plastic surgery and this treasure was disclosed by a social media news that Singer Cover Dale has done a plastic Surgery for his face to hide the aging effects from his face. When this report along with his before and after pictures examine by the experts then they reveal that he has done a facelift surgery because no any other thing can bring such changes in a human face especially in this age. So by this statement it is clear that David Coverdale has done a perfect plastic surgery.

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