Demi Moore Net Worth, House and Family (Husband & Daughter)

Demi Moore, the sweetheart of the yesteryears is worth $150 million. She scored big in her divorce from Bruce Willis. That’s right, a staggering $90 million is what she got when she and her husband of three years, Willis separated.

It’s no secret that Hollywood divorces have always been big, but it’s the A-list, the real crème-de-la-crème that actually benefits when they separate. No wonder pre-nup agreements are on the rise. You want to file for a divorce, not bankruptcy! Moving on to what is necessary.

Demi Moore net worth

Demi Moore’s net worth increased during the height of her film career when she used to command really high salaries. And as you know, the endorsements are part of the deal!

Assets (House & Cars)

There was a time she was the highest paid actress in the movie business. Commanding a sum of $12.5 million per movie. Although those days are behind her, she still owns plenty of property to keep herself flush. She has a 5,000 square foot mansion with four bedroom and baths in Beverly Hills.

Demi Moores' house
Former Beverly Hills mansion

She owns a Mercedes-Benz S500 Sedan, Toyota Prius (for a measly $30,000), 2012 Lexus LS 600h, that’s a $100,000 car gifted by her ex-hubby Kutcher. We are assuming, although Mr Kutcher has left, the car still belongs to Ms Moore. Well, you never know the designs of Hollywood, anything can happen!

Demi Moore's Car Lexus LS
Lexus LS
Demi Moore's car - Mercedes-Benz's S-Class
Demi Moore’s Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class

Husbands, Boyfriends & Daughter

Demi Moore’s net worth definitely attracts a lot of attention from men. I am not saying that’s the only thing that got a much younger Ashton Kutcher to marry Ms Moore, but you know what I mean! Before Moore hit it big, she was married to Freddy Moore. But it did not take her long to hitch with Bruce Willis, with who she was married for 13 years. Long time for a Hollywood wedding I say!

Demi Moore with daughter Rumer Willis
Demi Moore with daughter Rumer Willis

She married Ashton Kutcher in 2005, who is 13 years younger to her. Well, it doesn’t help if your daughter (Rumer Willis) crushes on your hubby, does it now? They broke up in 2013. And Kutcher is happily married to childhood sweetheart Mila Kunis.

Demi Moore on Vanity Fair cover
Vanity Fair cover

Demi Moore created a lot of controversy by appearing nude when she was pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991. That was a huge milestone for Demi Moore’s net worth back then because she was invited for several magazine covers in response to the hot and very pregnant Vanity Fair cover.

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