Derek Jeter Net Worth: The Most Marketable MLB Player

Even the most discerning sports critiques would not stop saying, “Jeter is famous, talented and rich with an estimated Derek Jeter net worth about $185 million.

Derek Sanderson Jeter, one of the most affluent athletes in the US sports history, is an American Baseball shortstop being highly talked about his holding the “player-turned-owner” dynamic.

Early life:

Jeter was born in New Jersey on 26th June, 1974 and brought up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He would attend New York Yankee games being accompanied with his grandparents, his early inspirers, during the summer.

Hot Derek net worth 2015

Right after finishing high school education, he joined the minor leagues where he spent about four years to advance from single-A-level teams to triple-A. Many would wonder if they heard the highly esteemed shortstop in Major League Baseball (MLB) took four years to reach a triple-A team. Practically, his MLB saga started in those early years of his life.

Professional career:

Derek started his career as a professional baseball player in 1992 when he picked up for 1992 MLB Draft. Then, he joined the Houston Astros under a $700,000 contract. After three years’ efforts, Derek began his MLB career in 1995 being drafted by the New York Yankees, his happy abode.

The beginning of Derek’s professional contract with the Yankees paid him only $130,000. However, Derek was not a player to stop at this number as, from time to time, his salary increased quite dramatically. He used to be a part of the Yankee teams which won the series in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009.

Derek Jeter playing

Derek’s career progression– Tells enough to answer how much is Derek Jeter worth:

Just after a year of his joining the Yankees, Derek Jeter got enlisted as Rookie of the Year, a title that brought him $540,000 as the next year signing. With quite impressive achievement, the Yankees felt the necessity of extending their contract with Derek for the next 10 years, resulting a $189 million earning in 2001.

A 2001 report stated that Derek’s annual salary was around $12,600,000 which was increased to an amazing $20,600,000 as annual salary in 2006. But, this is not where the Yankees wanted to put an end to his earning with them. In 2010, Derek Jeter again signed a 3-year contract with the team for $51 million. Derek earned the highest of his salary in 2010, which was about $22,600,000.

Derek Jeter's house
Derek Jeter’s house

Current status– An answer to how much money does Derek Jeter make a year:

In February, Derek, the essential nucleus to lead the Yankees, announced that he put an end to his career after the 2014 season. If that announcement holds the ultimate truth, the captain touches his 20th year in pinstripes. Before the season, Jeter signed a one-year contract for $12 million. Most apparently, his farewell tour would be a home run for the Yankees. In 2011, Jeter took an estimated $6 million paycut under his three-year contract.

In January, he signed a contract with Luvo, a health-food marketer and developer, for which he will work as a Brand Development Officer and partner. Having partnership with Simon & Schuster, Jeter contributes to publish a series of children and adult’s books.

Derek Jeter with Luvo Food Truck
Luvo Food Truck

Endorsement portfolio– Contributing to his net worth with $10 million a year:

Since the last few years, endorsements have had a big role to play in Derek Jeter net worth. His portfolio includes some remarkable endorsements such as Nike, Gillette, Ford, Gatorade and Movado. Jeter also possesses extremely popular cologne from Avon. His partnerships with Steiner Sports, Rawlings, Ford, Movado, Gillette and Nike’s Jordan brand bring him an annual $9 million earning and make him baseball’s top earning player off the field.

Awards and achievements– A tale of sky-high impression:

Throughout his baseball career, Jeter bagged a lot of awards and recognition including a remarkable All-Star player for 10 times, Gold Glove and the Silver Slugger awards. So far, he is the only player to have won two prestigious awards in the same season, such as, World Series MVP and All-Star Game MVP. He made the landmark of having the highest number of hits as a regular part of the New York Yankees.

Derek Jeter's house on Greenwood Lake
Derek Jeter’s house on Greenwood Lake

Team ownership:

With his own words, Jeter expressed his enthusiasm of owning an MLB team. Apart from his being currently associated with the Yankees as a field player, Derek has paid about $17,000,000 for the Yankees, which gradually created a buzzword in the air, “Is Jeter going to own a baseball team?” A lot of financial experts have suggested the Yankee captain that he should think again before making such a decision which could have something do with his financial collapse.

Derek Jeter’s physical measurements:

Weight: 195 lbs (88.4 kg)
Height: 6′ 3” (1.90 m)
Eye color: Green
Shoe size: 11.5
Star sign: Cancer

However, time will say what the 40-year old bachelor Baseball celebrity with the awe-inspiring Derek Jeter net worth would do.

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