Diane Keaton Net Worth & Biography

Diane Keaton, one of the noteworthy and respectable iconic celebrities of the Hollywood world, has been estimated as the highest paid actor of all time. With the recent conducted estimate, it has been found that Diane Keaton net worth sums up to an enviable sum of money, which worth $32 million, thereby paving her way to the echelon of accolades in the media world.

Diane Keaton net worth 2015

With her outstanding performance coupled by her consistency and tenacity to challenge her even in the toughest roles, she proved herself to be one of the finest actresses that Hollywood can ever have. Her breakthrough moment into the limelight came with the release of one of the finest Hollywood movies ever made – Annie Hall in 1977, which attracted all the limelight laid the foundation for crawling up the success ladder.

Diane Keaton focused on several disciplines of filming apart from acting such as directing, screenwriting and producing. For possessing several talents in different fields of art, she has incurred a vast fortune worth up to $32 Million and giving her the reputation of being the richest annually paid actor of all time.

Diane Keaton young
Diane Keaton while she was young

The ultimate breakthrough of Diane Keaton’s career as an actress succeed with the release of the infamous Woody Allen’s movie – Annie Hall, in 1977 which rewarded with several prestigious awards, Academy Award for Best Actress being one of them.

Apart from that, she had worked collaboratively in several Woody Allen’s movies as well. Her success also lies in several other fantastic movies such as Mr. Goodbar, Baby Boom, Because I Said So etc. Apart from that, she appeared in several TV shows like, Night Gallery, The F.B.I, Men of Crisis and Mannix that formed an outstandingly gargantuan fan base.

With several best-rated TV shows, movies which bagged several prestigious awards, she gained a massive fan base all around the globe which acknowledged her talents in every possible production, which made her #1 according to People’s Magazine. Apart from her contributions in the sphere of acting, she also voiced for the movie “Look Who’s Talking” to a character named Daphne – a dog.

Another fine artwork of hers is Heaven, a documentary film which she wrote and directed by herself. With outstanding tenacity to work in challenging situation, and bagging several awards like Grammy, BAFTA etc. resulted in accumulation of a vast fortune, which now estimates to be $32M.

Diane Keaton’s personal life

Diane Keaton, aged 69yrs now, was born and raisedat Los Angeles, California where she completed her high school – Santa Ana High School. Later she attended Santa Ana College and Orange Coast College where she graduated with the major in acting. Having acquiring the acting skills, she finally moved on to Manhattan to pursue her dreams.

Diane Keaton's children - Dexter and Duke
Diane Keaton’s children – Dexter and Duke

She joined the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York to acquire even in-depth knowledge about acting – and later, she started her career with several marvelous movies that gained her the present financial status. She’s been a status quo for several upcoming actresses as well. With her flawless performance and malevolent exhibition of her acting skills, she slowly shifted her focus on several disciplines of filming, including screenwriting, singing etc.

She made several documentaries like “Heaven”, which won several nominees and awards. Her interest also rests in the fields of photography, real estate entrepreneurship as well. She was reportedly seen dating some of the stellar artists like El Pacino, Woody Allen, however none of them lasted till the end. Despite being a single mother, she adopted a baby at the age of 50, which she considers to be a life changing moments of her single life.

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen
Diane Keaton and Woody Allen

Her recent breakthrough in the career

There have been several ups and downs in Diane’s life. However, at 2012, her fame and popularity went progressively down, to which she reconciled at 2014 with the release of the film “The Big Wedding”, which allowed her to incur a wealthy fortune, and carved her way up to the top of Top 30 Richest Celebrities in 2015.

Know Diane Keaton net worth through her properties

Diane Keaton's house
Diane Keaton’s house

Diane has a classic taste of properties and real estate owing to her entrepreneurship skills and having a civil engineer father. She own a Spanish style decorated home in Santa Ana, which she renovated herself, as well as she owns a real estate at Pacific Paradise where she currently resides. She also sold several of her real-estates to other A-star celebrities like Madonna as well.

Apart from that, she owns the houseware lines “K by Keaton” which fabricates housewares by mixing menswear fabrics along with Americana inspired pottery.

Diane Keaton' "K by Keaton"
Diane Keaton’ “K by Keaton”

Diane Keaton’s statistics

Weight – 55.8kg or 123lbs
Hair colour – Light brown
Eye colour – Light green
Height – 171 cm
Shoe size – 8.5 US
Bra size: 32B

Diane’s multi-versatile approach in different spheres of career has resulted in heightening her fans base, and creating the reputation of being one of the highest paid actors in the new millennia. With her fortune gradually expanding, Diane Keaton net worth is estimated to manifold profoundly in the coming years.

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