Dolly Parton Hairstyles – Layered, Coiffed, Updos & Funny

Dolly Parton has spent five decades in Hollywood and the credits on her shoulders are without parallel. Her fans have also been crazy about Dolly Parton hairstyles, clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and the beautiful smile she always wears on her face.

She is 70 by age and American by nationality. Platinum blonde hair is a trademark for her. She has a voluptuous body and loves to flaunt her curves. She often creates volume in her hairstyles or adds some texture that perfectly goes with her sparkling blue eyes and curved body type. She adopts kind of self assured approach when it comes to hairstyles.

America’s one of the most famed country music legends, Dolly Parton always keeps it going. When she is pushed around in a wheel chair, you’ll see her wearing full makeup and gorgeous hair with high heels. So we can say that unlike other celebrities who are famous for their hairstyles alone, Dolly complements her shoes, makeover, clothing, and face expressions with her elegant hairdos. So she is one of her kind and the sophisticated hairdos she carries in routine are not easier to wear for a normal person.

She definitely has the courage and commitment as she told the magazine Today, she is not going to retire unless forced. She further said that I understand that I’m as old as yesterday, but I know one thing for sure that my personality is as new as tomorrow. Here we’ve collected a few Dolly Parton hairstyles and you can see how graceful and chic she appears with every hairstyle.

Mostly Dolly wears feathered haircuts especially now when she is about to cut the 70th birthday cake of her life. At 69 years, she obviously doesn’t start her hairstyle with a great head of hair. So she has cut her hair in nice spiky layers to create immense volume and a lot of style. She has naturally wavy hair so it becomes easier to style without hair products, heat, and tools.

Check out her layered hairstyles below:

Dolly Parton Hairstyles
Dolly Parton Layered Hairstyles

At a younger age, she preferred coifed hairstyles, probably she loves the volumized look so much, and we rarely find a picture of Dolly with straightened hair. Below are a few pictures of Dolly Parton coiffed hairstyles from her 70s and 80s looks.

Dolly Parton coiffed hairstyles

Dolly Parton also inspires us with half and full up dos. She always keeps her hand loose while making and updo. Moreover, she never forgets to add face framing layers. You can check Dolly Parton’s updo hairstyles here:

Dolly Parton updo hairstyles

You can also enjoy some funny hairstyles worn by Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton funny hairstyles

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