Dolly Parton Net Worth: All Big Possessions Making Her A National Treasure

Dolly Rebecca Parton, America’s indisputable empress of country music, is at a stretch, a singer-songwriter, actress, author, philanthropist and a multi-instrumentalist. Dolly Parton net worth being an estimated $500 million dollars makes for quite an astounding nine-figure number for a country music star.

Dolly’s early life:

Fourth of her twelve siblings, Dolly Rebecca Parton was born in an indigenous family supported by her father who was a tobacco farmer in Sevier County, Tennessee. With music in her heart, Dolly has always had a strong panache for it, and performing in the church went a long way in her being what she is now.

Dolly Rebecca Parton net worth
Dolly Rebecca Parton net worth

When she reached 9, she participated in “The Cas Walker Show”. Later, she was signed on the less-than-big Louisiana label called Goldband Records. In 1964, she received a graduation degree from high school, and on that very day, she set out for Nashville wherein she came out successful for the first time as a songwriter. By that time, who knew that Dolly Parton net worth would make the once unrecognizable country girl an iconic figure in just a matter of some decades?

Marriage and family life– full of responsibility:

In 1966, Dolly married Carl Dean, the owner of an asphalt surface-paving business located in Nashville. Being shy of publicity, Dean hardly put his hands to accompany his wife to any public event. The couple did a lot to raise some of Dolly’s younger siblings although she has no child of her own. An active contributor to many of her nephews and nieces, Dolly has been the godmother to Miley Cyrus, a young, promising performer.

Dolly Parton & Carl Dean picture
Dolly Parton with Carl Dean

Works and achievements:

As an esteemed best-selling recording artist, Dolly received the warm and adoration of millions of country music lovers. Her most popular songs include “My Tennessee “9 to 5″, “Jolene”, “Mountain Home”, “Coat of Many Colors”, and “I Will Always Love You”, a record-breaking track performed by Whitney Houston. Here is an excerpt of her works:

  • She has composed and written over 3,000 songs and had 110+ chart singles.
  • As many as 25 singles and albums have earned her Gold, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum certifications.
  • She has won eight Grammys. She was also nominated for five Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, and an Emmy Awards.
  • She starred in “Unlikely Angel”, “9 to 5”, “Steel Magnolias”, and a few other movies.

Dolly Parton's Mule Skinner Blues

Factors contributing to the Dolly Parton net worth:

So far, Dolly has been involved in multiple professional avenues which surprisingly expand her exposure from a singer and a chart topping songwriter to an astute businesswoman and a film starrer. Here is a brief list of her notable assets:

  • A theme park named Dollywood welcomes over three million visitors in a year. The 290-acre complex includes Dollywood’s Splash Country, a water park, and DreamMore Resort.
  • A record of selling more than 177 million records worldwide.
  • A radio station, TV companies, restaurants and recording companies.
  • She has an insurance coverage for her breasts worth $600,000.
Dolly Parton young photo
Young Dolly Parton

So, how much is Dolly Parton worth following Whitney Houston’s Death?

Not essentially a rumor, it is heard that Whitney Houston’s death has triggered the growth of Dolly’s ginormous bank account. Whitney’s version eventually brought Dolly over $10 million. Probably, an ironic remark from the celebrity unveils the truth. She revealed she got enough money to purchase Graceland only off the song “I Will Always Love You.” Following the untimely and mysterious death of Whitney, Dolly still counts to make millions over the year to come.

So, how much does Dolly Parton make a year off the song?

With the publishing rights and ownership of the song, the country music maestro will earn around $2 per album sold and 8 cents per radio play.

Dolly Parton's house
Dolly Parton’s house

Dolly Parton’s Body Measurement:

Measurements: 40-20-36
Weight: 105 lbs
Height: 5′ 0”
Bra Size: 40DD
Shoe Size: 5 1/2
Hair Color: Regular Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

A few facts that would surprise those who do not know:

As part of her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Dolly started a literacy program through which she distributes more than 2.5 million free books to world’s children per year.

  • So far, she has been a nominee for 46 Grammys.
  • She has got inducted into more than 12 Halls of Fame.

Acknowledge it or not, Dolly Parton net worth from a vast business empire has nothing to do with her fairly-trashy and ultra-feminine look which still lends her a lifestyle famously summed up by an unprecedented combination of brain and voice.

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