Hip Hop Rapper Drake’s Net Worth – $76 Million

Canadian rapper Drake said “You Only Live Once” in one of his songs and true enough, he’s done his utmost best to work his way in the cutthroat music industry from his humble beginnings all the way to the bank. At 29, Drake’s net worth is an estimated $76 million.


Rap music had seen many faces but Drake’s seemed to have stood out and has already made a dent in the music industry in just a short period of time.

Drake net worth

He started out as an actor in a Canadian teen drama series for television called Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2001. Six years later, he released his first mixtape which triggered the growth of his net worth, climbing to a whopping $76 million in just over a decade. He collaborated with several rap musicians including Lil Wayne and slowly rose to prominence, getting his videos shown in shows like BET.

As his music gained more attention, his albums sold around the world. He already has a reported 10 million albums sold to date, numerous awards and more than ten number one singles on the Billboard chart.

Drake and Lil Wayne
Drake and Lil Wayne

His hit song The Motto released in 2011 popularized YOLO, the acronym for the widely used slogan You Only Live Once.

Started From the Bottom

Drake had experienced a rough childhood stemming from his parents’ divorce when he was only 5 years old. His single mom tried to raise him but their finances were mostly drained because she was sick. But that didn’t stop the musician from pursuing his aspirations, working hard to write and produce songs that eventually sold in millions.

Drake and Rihanna

As a new face in the world of music writing, rapping and record producing, Drake’s net worth is expected to climb as he continues to flourish in his craft. He was one of Forbes’ top newcomers who had already earned millions in the last five years.

Drake's Party Pad In Hidden Hills, Calif
Drake’s Party Pad In Hidden Hills, Calif

He is rumored to own a fancy party pad equipped with a wine cellar and a theater and has been photographed driving a Bentley.

Women in His Life

Drake has dated rapper Nicki Minaj. After the two broke up, the rapper has been rumored to be dating tennis superstar Serena Williams.

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