Duchess of Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Duchess of Alba was a famous Spanish Billionaire who was a direct descendant of King James II and also had relation to Winston Churchill, talk about nobility!

Her parents named her Maria del Rosario Cyetana, but she was simply known as Cyetana. She always graced gossip columns and tabloids for her recent marriage to husband number three and dramatic face lifts that many mocked as a plastic surgery disasters.

Duchess of Alba

Her 6 children were not thrilled on her cosmetic enhancement decisions but that did not deter her at all. She had so many plastic surgery procedures done on her face of which the outcome was not too appealing making us wonder what she was thinking, or if she was in the right mind at all!

Going all in for Duchess of Alba Plastic surgery; types of surgeries that the Duchess had.

Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

This procedure is aimed at literally lifting a saggy face which normally occurs as one ages. This 88 year old spotted a taught skin that only proves that she had the procedure done. Any woman her age should be having some saggy wrinkled skin which was not the case as her face was too smooth and youthful looking no wonder she was able to bag a husband 25 years her junior.


A facelift generally tightens the skin and restores it to its former glory, however to get rid of all wrinkles one would need to get some Botox injections. The duchess had beautiful skin and if she had stopped at those two procedures probably she would have been okay. But she had to go ahead and have many more done making her a good casing point of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Duchess of Alba plastic surgery before after photos
Duchess of Alba then and now

Lip injections

As one ages, the lips get thinner. As a young girl, the Duchess boasted of a killer smile with amazing lips of which she was not ready to let go of. She had some lip injections to make them bigger, a procedure that did not go too well as her lips were disproportionally done making her look wackier than ever!

Facial fillers

It is safe to conclude that the Duchess was obsessed with plastic surgery especially on the appearance of her face. She was always adding a little something here and there all in the quest for beautiful youthful skin, with no regard for the outcome or side effects of having too much procedures done. The before and after photos are pretty convincing.

Duchess of Alba plastic surgery gone wrong


The Duchess’ plastic surgery to do list would not be complete without a nose job. Noses and ears are the body parts that increases as one advances in age. To complete her plastic face, she had to streamline her nose so as to match the rest of her face. She had slimmed, straightened and made less pointy. However, more recent photos show a more flat and crooked nose an indication that something clearly went wrong.

The Duchess’ quest for perfection and youthfulness only left her looking more of the Frankenstein monster rather a royal queen. This doesn’t seem to bother the Duchess, guess there were no good mirrors in the palace!

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