Dwyane Wade Net Worth – Famous Basketball Player

Dwyane Tyron Wade, often named as D-Wade or Flash-D, is one of the popular basket players from the USA. At present, he is playing in favor of Miami Heat on National Basketball League. He reached the zenith of his status in the year 2006, and since then, he has become one of the favorite players of the audience.

Dwyane Wade net worth is estimated to be 95 million dollar and certainly he gets that amount from his professional field.

However, though Dwyane Wade is not the richest basketball player, his profession has provided him with a huge salary, thus Wade may spend his whole life lavishly.

Dwyane Wade net worth 2015

Dwyane in his early life

Dwyane Tyrone Wade was born in the year 1982 in the city of Chicago. This well American basketball player once led a very struggling life, and it started just after his birth when his parents got divorced. After that, Dwyane together with his mother, Jolinda and also his little sister Tragil carried on struggling to live well. Dwyane, while describing his childhood days, informed that there were no birth anniversaries or Christmas gifts in his early life.

So, from the very early stages of his life, Dwyane’s aim is to overcome the poverty and also to make all the dreams of his life come true. Later, his life took a new turn, while Dwyane Sr. shifted to Robbins, which is a south Chicago town. This new place enabled him to take part in basketball game with the step brothers and companions including nine year old child Siohvaughn Funches, who was his first girlfriend and finally his spouse.

Dwyane Wade's ex wife - Siohvaughn Funches
Dwyane Wade’s ex wife – Siohvaughn Funches

Moreover, his zeal to stand out in the basketball game made him a very dominating player in the court of game; however he missed the essential academic needs.

Body statistics of Dwyane Wade

Height: 6 ft 5 inches
Weight: 212 lbs
Body fat: 6′ 10.75″
Size of shoe: 15
Color of hair and eye: Brown

Dwyane’s participation in various tournaments

In the year 2002, Dwyane attempted to engage with Marquetts as one of the NCAA partial qualifiers. He was trained by the trainer Crean who wanted him to be the leader in the court of basketball. Crean got success and meet his objectives. In 2006, Dwyane was named as the ‘Sportsperson of the year, and he turned out to be as one of the best players in the nation with honors such as All-American Honors and also Conference-USA Player of the Year.

Dwyane Wade playing basketball

According to the report of the journalists Dwyne Wade earned nearly $12 million per year just only from Endorsement. Forbes also informed that Dwyane was paid almost $14,410,581 for season of 2008-09 with Miami Heat. And, during this season, Dwyane was reached nearly $15,779,912. In the season, 2010-11, his salary touched $14,200,000.

Wade was an associate of the US Olympics team in 2004. The team participated in the FIBA World Championship in 2006, in which Wade got about 19.3 points for every game. This team received a bronze medal, and it disappointed a lot of USA followers. During the 2008 Olympic Games, the USA became victorious and gained honors with gold medal. Wade took the leading part in the game and helped others in scoring all through the game.

Dwyane Wade's girlfriend - Gabrielle Union
Dwyane Wade with girlfriend – Gabrielle Union

Both Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat signed six years for about 107.5 million dollar in 2010. Dwyane himself disclosed that his first earnings while joining the team were nearly $2,636,400. This was increased to about $13,041,250 in the season of 2007-08. And in 2009-10 also, Dwyane Wade Net Worth turned out to become a higher figure. Dwyne was expected to take part in the 2012 Olympics also, but was not able to play because of a knee injury.

Real estate of Dwyane Wade

Dwayne Wade's House in Chicago
Dwayne Wade’s House in Chicago

The house of Miami Heat basketball player, Dwyane Wade is extremely gorgeous. This French-style house with about 12,000 square foot, is situated in the Pinecrest, is customized from top part to bottom. Moreover, there is also a personalized swimming pool of Wade. This building includes 6 bedrooms. The six-bedroom home is Flashtastic. Wade, recognized as Flash, engraved the letter- W in the marble ground of the entrance hall.

The house also comprises graceful furniture, wall painting and a number of memorabilia. There are also customized children’s rooms and Spider-man-themed lavatory and custom kid rooms. Thus, all these properties prove Dwyane Wade Net worth to be quite high, though not the highest among other basketball players.

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