Eddie Murphy Net Worth

There are some celebrities that have got formidable wealth. As far as this subject is concerned, Eddie Murphy net worth can’t be touched down when you consider his talent. Today he will be this much but come twelve months from now, we may be speaking of several millions more. According to the celebrity net worth, Eddie Murphy is now worth $85 millions.

Commentators in major media stations all commend this talented celebrity for his talent. He is someone who is able to make crowds crack their ribs through laughter. No wonder, Crosby and Norm Macdonald are some of these renowned personalities who acknowledge the talent of Eddie Murphy. Let’s however get down talking about this man whose worth is $85 million.

Eddie Murphy net worth 2015

Eddie Murphy has long been considered to be among the most brilliant personalities in the Hollywood acting industry. He comes third in grossing only playing fiddle to Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks. Murphy has been a notable African-American actor who in the 1980’s was loved for his versatility as well as his talented acting styles. He began as a standup comedian similar to the way all the renowned comedians started, by joining the “Saturday Night Live” where Murphy stayed until 1984 something that made his net worth to start mounting up. While still in Saturday Night Live, Murphy did “48 hours” in 1982 and this became a hit. Being a superstar in a show that helped rise over $78.8, the net worth of Eddie Murphy grew considerably.

Other than 48 hours, other films produced by him that led to his worth soaring high include Trading Places that was produced in 1983 together with Beverly Hills Cop, which came out in 1984. In 1988, he played in the film coming to America and also played a part in The Nutty Professor together with Dr. Doolittle in 1996 and in 1998 respectively. His low moments were of course in the 1990s when his career as well as his fortunes or rather net worth stagnated. However, that century was not all down for him as he was the voice actor of Shrek, a very successful hit. In 1996, he won the Golden Globe award for the role he played in Dreamgirls.

Eddie Murphy's daughter - Shayne Murphy
Eddie Murphy’s daughter – Shayne Murphy

Factors Contributing to Eddy Murphy’s Net Worth

Other than acting, Eddie Murphy is also a talented director as well as a producer. Harlem’s Nights, Life and Vampire in Brooklyn are some of the films that were either directed or produced by Eddie Murphy. This off course played a key role in improving Eddie Murphy net worth.

With success in acting, producing and directing, he obviously had to experience a soaring up of his fortunes. In addition to the talents above, he is also talented in music and this added to his fortunes. Eddie Murphy is a member of The Bus Boys Band. That’s not enough. Eddie Murphy has also produced his own singles named Party All the Time and Put Your Mouth on me among others.

How Much Does Murphy Make?

Eddie Murphy's house
Eddie Murphy’s house

As mentioned earlier, Eddie is a unique personality who does not only depend on one avenue to make a fortune. Eddie Murphy happens to have been the first person and also the only one to have been nominated for the BAFTA awards due to the dazzling voice performance in the Shrek. He also doubles up as a winner of five different Golden Globe Awards together with two singles that hit in the competitive Hot Billboard Singles. He is a stand up world-class comedian, TV actor, film actor as well as being a director, a writer and a singer. In the 1980’s, 1990’s and early this century, eddy Murphy has truly been a household name.

Eddie Murphy's car - Mercedes SLS Amg
Eddie Murphy’s Mercedes SLS Amg

Eddie Murphy has amassed a lot of wealth during his career. Eddie Murphy Net Worth is estimated to be about $85 million. A little breakdown into his wealth shows that he owns an island worth $15 million. This is the Rooster Cay that’s near the Nassau found in the Bahamas. He is also known to be an ardent collector of exotic cars some of them being a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that’s estimated to be about $1 million.

Eddie Murphy's Cars

All in all, Eddie Murphy Net Worth can be attributed to his diverse talents. The Saturday Night live is given the credit for giving him the break out of starting this financial dynasty. He took time to develop his mainstream career, which is acting, and comedy as he also capitalized in his natural abilities. When the stinking rich Hollywood celebrities are being mentioned, the name of Eddie Murphy will rarely fail to be mentioned among those topping the list.

The body statistics of Eddie Murphy

Height: 5 ft. 9 inches
Weight: 170 Ibs (77 Kgs)
Shoe size: Not Available
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown

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