Emma Watson Net Worth, Family and Boyfriend

Hermione is all grown up and is not the awkward little girl at Hogwarts anymore. Emma Watson net worth is estimated to be a staggering $60 million. Now that’s a dream loads of 25-year-olds have! This little pack of joy has been appreciated for everything from her degree from Brown University to her contribution to feminism (remember that speech?).

Yes, she was mighty upset when some members of the press “sexualised” her and that’s what brought her into feminism. It can be truly said that Watson is a great role model for many young women. Now that’s something you can’t say about a lot of celebrities out there. Hello Kardashians, we are talking to you!

Emma Watson net worth

What her income pie is made of

She makes a fat $3 million from her ski chalet alone. Now, that’s an impressive income, something that some of us can live off our entire lives! Her contracts with Nestle and Burberry make her a huge amount of money.

Hubbies and boyfriends

Too young to have a hubby, so let’s rule that out. Boyfriends? Many-ish. Sorry. Not so many actually. There have been a lot of rumours, as there should be with a fine young lady. Will Adamowica in 2011, Oxford rugby player Matt Janney, Rafael Cebri├ín and Jay Barrymore and that’s that! Nice girl eh? Maybe.

She keeps saying she is taking time off from relationship. We believe ya Miss Watson, we believe ya. She was also rumoured to have made a trip to a meditation centre (read rehab) following a split with her boyfriend Matt Janney. She later denied the rumours that the meditation course had anything to do with her break up. We leave it to you to decide!

Emma Watson's family pics
Emma Watson with family (source)

It is said that Miss Watson is actually certified to teach Yoga and Meditation. So, if you need some Eastern mysticism, you know where to go, right? Another very cool factoid about Watson is that she was born in Paris and speaks fluent French? We didn’t either! Watson’s parents were English lawyers based out of Paris and got divorced when she was quite young.

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