Frankie Sandford Net Worth

Having grown up with her older sister in the streets of Upminister, London, Frankie Standford went to a stag school in Romford from where she learned the art of singing and dancing. She had ample experience of working for different local pubs in her hometown when she was finally able to land a job as a sales assistant in Allsaints.

She was doing this all while being a part of the band S Club Juniors from where she got the real break in the music industry. From that platform, she gave in multiple successful songs and later on, went to become a success which can be stated in figures as she has had nineteen UK top 10 singles and six UK’s top 10 albums.

Frankie Sandford net worth

Frankie Sandford’s net worth has always been much of a mystery just like the words in her songs. But we have been able to gather some news on it and without fussing anymore would reveal it to you. So, shall we begin?

Bridge and Sandford

In 2014, Sandford announced that she was getting married to the footballer Wayne Bridge and has been living together with him in his mansion ever since. It is estimated that the value of the house is around 3 million pounds and is located in Surrey.

Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge
Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge

Sandford herself is driving an Aston Martin worth 135,000 pounds that too has been gifted to her by Wayne. It is believed that the net worth of Frankie Sandford is around 9 million pound, all thanks to the songs that have become very popular lately.

The Big Year

The year 2015 has been much of a success for Frankie as in this time; she was able to make a lot of money not only through the songs she sang but through multiple sponsors. She was the leading lady of Veet and has done couple of ads for them. Apart from this, she has also become the latest face of Impulse and Nitendo’s 3Ds games.

Frankie Sandford

If you find yourself a true fan of Standford, then you should know that she is a person who loves slaty popcorn and is an avid reader of the magazine “Nylon”. So, impressing her is quite easy; just a bag of salty popcorn and Cadbury Rich Tea Biscuits and you are done!

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