Halle Berry Net Worth, Biography & Family (Husband & Kids)

Full Name: Halle Maria Berry
Net Worth: $70 million
Occupation: Fashion Icon, Beauty Queen, Producer and Actress
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married to Olivier Martinez (they have a son named Maceo-Robert)
Previous Engagements:
– David Justice from 1993- 1997
– Eric Benet from 2001- 2005
– Gabriel Aubry from 2005-2010 (they have a girl named Nahla Ariela)

The American actress, fashion icon, producer and beauty queen, Halle Berry’s net worth is $70 million.

Halle Berry net worth

Berry is one woman who has been versatile in her acting career to become a household name. She is also one of the few black women who have beaten all odds to receive an Academy Award. She got the award in 2002 for her role in the romantic drama- Monster’s Ball. In the early 2000s, she was one of the best paid actresses, bagging in a cool $10 million for every film.

Halle Berry’s Careers

Berry began by modeling before she became an actress. She featured in a number of beauty contests and in 1986 she got the sixth place for the Miss World Pageant. In the same year, she was the first runner up in the Miss USA.

Halle Berry became well known in the movie industry when she acted alongside Eddie Murphy in the comedy Boomerang which was featured in 1992. This opened several doors for the actress who later on featured in more films including The Flintstones in 1994 and Bulworth, a political comedy in 1998. In 1999, she bagged in more awards, an Emmy and Golden Globe for best actress in the film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

Her debut in filming began in 1991 when she played the role of a drug addict named Vivian in the movie Jungle Fever. This was Spike Lee’s production. In the same year, she was featured in Strictly Business where she played a co-starring role.

She is greatly remembered for her ingenuity when she acted as a drug addict who wanted to have custody of her son in the play Losing Isaiah which was featured in 1995. Later on in 1996, she was taking the part of Sandra Beecher in the play Race the Sun, a play that was shot in Australia- based on a true story.

Berry has acted on numerous films including B*A*P*S, X-Men: Days of Future Past and several others. In 2014, she acted topless for the first time. She was adamant to appear naked in a movie but it was rumored that when Warner Bros added $500,000 to the initial agreed fee, she accepted. She was quick to deny the rumors, but most actresses can do a lot to bag in more cash. All this explains why Halle Berry’s net worth is actually up.

Personal Life

Halle Berry was born on the 14th of August 1966 to Judith Ann and Jerome Jesse Berry. Her mother was of Jewish and German ancestry who worked as a psychiatric nurse. The father was African American and also worked as a hospital attendant at the same hospital as Ann. He later on worked as a driver.

Halle Berry with mother Judith Ann
Halle Berry with mother Judith Ann

When Halle Berry was four years old, her parents divorced. They were exclusively raised by their mother together with her older sister Heidi. Halle Berry has been vocal about the almost non-existent dad in their lives. She says her parents called it quits when dad became too abusive to mum. In 1992, she said the only thing she remembers of her father is when he kicked Ann down the stairs or hit her using a wine bottle. Despite all the odds however, Halle Berry made it on screen and has accumulated much wealth, giving her a huge net worth.


Halle Berry went to Bedford High School where she was a cheerleader. She later went to Cuyahoga Community College.


Halle Berry with Olivier Martinez, son Maceo and daughter Nahla
Halle Berry with Olivier Martinez, son Maceo and daughter Nahla (source)

In 1993, Berry married David Justice. They separated in 1996 before divorcing in 1997. Her second husband was Erick Benet whom she married in 2001. By 2003, they were divorced. She fell in love with Gabriel Aubry in 2005 and later on got married. In 2008, she gave birth to a daughter Nahla who was at the center of custody battle. In 2010, the two got separated before eventually divorcing. Currently, she is married to Olivier Martinez and together they have a son named Maceo who was born in 2013.

Well, Halle Berry may have had several men in her life, but one thing about the actress is that her net worth is something worth talking about. After all, very few people earn $16 million a year from acting.

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