Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Helen Elizabeth Hunt plastic surgery worked so good now her beauty story could easily pass for a Hollywood’s box office movie script because it’s so unbelievably true.

Back in 2009 Helen’s look stunned everybody and not in a positive way as she looked really bad and then she was 46 years of age. Fast forward to present day and the 50-year-old mother of a nine-year-old boy can give even a run way model a run for her Mulla, reason? Plastic surgery of course!

Helen is a famous American actress, film director and screenwriter whose most memorable part on the screen is her role in the sitcom Mad About You in which she starred for seven years. She has won many awards including Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and an Oscar award.

Helen Hunt plastic surgery pic
Helen Hunt plastic surgery before and after

Other than being part of the Hollywood community she is known for her looks which for certain are achieved through plastic surgery, otherwise how can you explain her looks at 50?

Helen Hunt plastic surgery ordeal started when she was 46 years of age. It was all meant to back roll time but it actually achieved the opposite because after that surgery she was unrecognizable; she had the look of a 70 year’s old woman leading to speculation that it was plastic surgery gone wrong, honestly what else could that have been?

Then it was time to correct the mistake and correct the mistake she did, am certain she avoided her first intern surgeon like a plague and went for an A-list surgeon because now Helen Hunt plastic surgery brought back the Swagger we knew her for.

Helen Hunt 2015

So what happened while she laid on that surgeons table? Let us take a glimpse into some of the plastic surgery jobs that Helen Hunt had to do in a bid to try and get back her teenage beauty.

Cheek fillers

This is evident when you look at her before and after photos and here would say be careful not to confuse the after with before photo because she looks younger in the after one. For an ageing woman this was a very objective surgery as this adds body around the cheeks preventing sagging of the skin, after all who wants their skin sagging.

Helen Hunt before plastic surgery
Helen Hunt then and now

Neck lifts

She was physically messed up after her first surgery where she ended up being scary than beautiful and young. She had unusually skin sagging around her neck just like every 70 year old woman you know so needless to say this had to go and the new surgeon nailed it! Whatever happened in that surgery room is yet to be known. The post job appearance was not pleasing at all.


With her age the skin was sure starting to surrender and the sure way to make your skin stay in the fight longer than usual is having a facelift. The facelift was meant to tighten the skin so as to mitigate the wrinkles that had started to show and this worked to perfection. A smart surgeon will tell you not to subject your body to many intrusive procedures and seems this surgeon did his job well by advising her to opt for Botox injections to maintain the new face. Botox injections work best in moderation no wonder the youth look.

Helen Hunt at 50
Helen Hunt at 50 – just wow!

The question that often linger is many people’s mind about plastic surgery is, “How do plastic surgery victims look?” The truth is, they look fresh, young and more vibrant. Of course these are the main reasons why people go for the cut. What worries many of us, therefore are the ugly old zombie-like pictures of Helen Hunt taken in 2009. It they are true, then Helen Hunt’s case becomes one of the plastic surgery jobs gone awry. How the hell could she do that to her face, because to us, instead of her looking “As Good As It Gets”, she actually appears in those photos as bad it got.

However, there are claims that those scary zombie-like photos of Helen were said to be the work of somebody good with Photoshop who had the agenda of tarnishing her image. Knowing the entertainment industry one can’t possibly rule this out as truth but what matters is she corrected it. Through all Helen Hunt plastic surgeries am sure she had the famous saying ‘a mistake is not a mistake until repeated’ as her mantra and so technically it was never a mistake to start with!

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