Howard Stern Net Worth, House and Wife

For more than three decades Howard Stern had dominated the Radio world and his estimated net worth has come to a figure of over $500 Million, whereas his annual income is over $80 million. The maximum part of his net worth has come from his period with SiriusXM Radio. He also holds about $300 million worth of Sirius shares.

Howard achieved his first title as “shock jock” in 1990s due to his edgy and outspoken style. He holds nothing back and is pretty expert opening up any kind of celebrities even about their worst past.  Howard is currently the most famous and highest paid radio jockey in America.

Howard Stern net worth 2015-2016
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Besides being a radio jockey he is also famous for hosting talk show, writing books, photography and featuring judge on Television shows like “America’s Got talent”.

Property description (House, Cars, Private Jet)

Howard Stern is well-known for his outrageous and luxurious life style which made him unique in his field of profession. His luxurious penthouse in Manhattan of New York is worth $15 million which he considers his second home. His mansion in Florida is worth has $52 million with impeccable views of the Florida’s coastline which was a gift to his wife Beth Ostrosky.

Howard Stern's palm beach house
Howard Stern’s palm beach house (source)

He has also an apartment in Southampton valued over $22 million. To decorate his garage he has two Luxurious cars like Audi R8 and limousine. One of the blessings he enjoys having a net worth of $500 million is traveling around the world with his private jet.

Family life and relationship

Early life

Howard Stern was born on January 12 in 1954 in the city of New York. Being the younger of two children he always had passionate love for music and radio. His attraction of radio was greatly influenced by his father, who was a co-owner of radio studio. He used to often record Howard and his older sister asking them weird questions on current events which he claims to shape the future for his son. While living in Roosevelt home he often felt like an outsider which later on drove him to write about it.

Relationship and marriage

Howard Stern and Alison
Howard Stern and Alison (source)

Howard had gone through a rough ride in his marriage life as his first marriage with Alison broke up on October in 1999 after 20 long years. They were blessed with three daughters. Then he decided to say goodbye to marriage until in 2000 rumored spread that he was having an affair with model Beth Ostrosky. Finally, on February 2007 they got engaged and officially got married on October 2008 in Manhattan, New York City.

Howard Stern with wife Beth Ostrosky
Howard Stern with wife Beth Ostrosky

Important facts about Howard Stern

“King of All Media” as he like to call himself due to the fact that at one point he had 20 million people listening to The “Howard Stern Show”. He won Billboard award as “Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year” for eight times. He was a reputed judge on Americas Got Talent since 2012.

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