Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery Nose Gone Wrong or Not??

Ken Doll
Ken Doll

Rodrigo Alves is a 32 year old flight attendant from London, UK. He received his BA(Hons) in Public Relations at London College of Communication. Alves hails from São Paulo, Brazil. Alves became well known and was given the name, “Human Ken Doll”, after undergoing 42 cosmetic procedures since 2004. He has spent over £305,000 on plastic surgery to his face and body including implants.


Forty-two surgeries were apparently one too many for a Rodrigo Alves, a Brazilian man attempting to look like a living Ken doll, The Daily Mail reports. Alves, 32, was hospitalized for skin necrosis related to his most recent cosmetic procedure, a surgery to sculpt his nose. What began with a sudden sinkhole in his redesigned nose turned out to be his body rejecting new nasal cartilage.

Rodrigo Alves Makeover

“A horrible hole has appeared in my nostril and the infection is eating my nose and I’ve been warned if it is not stopped, it could eat into my face,” Alves told The Daily Mail on Thursday. The damage is being caused by necrosis, or tissue rotting due to an absence of blood flow. If left untreated, necrosis can spread to surrounding tissues and body parts.He received intravenous antibiotic treatment to fight the infection, but the tissue rot is irreversible. Now, Alves’ best-case medical scenario is to replace any destroyed tissue and hope it isn’t rejected; otherwise, doctors may have to remove his entire nose if the damage is too extensive.

Rodrigo Alves Makeover
At the Hospital
Awful Nose Job
Ken Doll
Rodrigo Alves plastic surgery
Young and Now

Rodrigo Alves Personal Information

Full name: Rodrigo Alves
Net worth: $40 million
Occupation: TV and Fashion Star
Nationality: English
Marital status: Single

Rodrigo Alves Body Statistics

Height: 6 ft 7 in or 180 cm
Weight: 73 kg or 149 pounds
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue

It’s not the first time Rodrigo’s addiction to surgery has almost had very tragic consequences. Three years ago, he developed a major infection which left him temporarily paralysed, after a Brazilian doctor injected a gel into his arms to pump up his muscles. At one point, he was warned he might have to have his arm amputated.

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