Im Yoona Plastic Surgery: How Natural is Natural?

Im Yoona is perfection, one look at her pictures and you would agree that even cosmetics models don’t come close to looking this good.

Yoona is a doll, a perfect picture of how your toddler baby girl would like to look like when she grows up, well, probably a darker version but you know what I mean. For a long time she has been the darling of Asian Television and am sure even the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, wouldn’t mind a sight of her no matter how hard he hates the guts of South Korea.

Miss Yoona is a South Korean Singer, actress, TV presenter and dancer. She is a well-known member of the famous South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and impressively, she has also participated in various television dramas most notably; You Are My Destiny and Prime Minister and I.

Im Yoona 2015 photo

At her age, 24, you would expect that people would believe her beauty is natural but no so, as rumors are circulating that she is the output of some expert plastic surgery work. So what is our doll being accused of by the tabloids?

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

What is it with celebrities with their noses? Whenever plastic surgery is mentioned rarely is the nose left out. Yoona is widely marketed as a natural beauty maybe the reason why she is being scrutinized detail by detail by people like us and nose job accusation is the product of this scrutiny.

Teenage Yoona had a rounded nose but the famous doll now has a smaller, sharper nose with a pinched tip which many will agree perfectly complements her features. It must be remembered that Adulthood brings a lot of change but maybe not this much!!

Im Yoona nose job photo

Jaw-line Surgery

Yoona had a round face growing up but not the superstar Yoona we know because her jawline and chin now are well defined. For us who don’t live in Asia we have an impression that all people from that side look alike and maybe Yoona heard this and wanted to stand out as a unique and truly beautiful Asian person-a goal well achieved.

Im Yoona plastic surgery before and after
Jaw-line Surgery

The differences in her now and then appearance are pretty distinct to me as a commoner which makes me wonder what a surgeon would say if I were to show a now and then photo side by side. Perhaps it’s that time when our doll comes out to deny or confirm the allegations. If you a pro-natural beauty kind of person you must have been disappointed to read this as she must be your impression of Adam’s Eve.

Im Yoona then and now
Im Yoona then and now

As usual, there is plenty compelling evidence that she is a natural beauty with photos of a toddler Yoona hitting the web showcasing her journey from childhood to adulthood. You can take a walk around the web and see but in the meantime, you must agree that changes don’t happen, and when they do, they rarely make you a beauty God like Yoona.

Contrary to some beliefs, Asia is not that conservative and Bollywood is following Hollywood steps where stars just want to be associated with perfection. All said and done, if it’s truly surgery, the surgeon did a great piece of art. So far, that’s the surgeon I would recommend if you want some work done.

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