Jackie Chan Net Worth: How Much Did Marital Art Expert Earn?

How Much is Jackie Chan Worth – Charity And Money Make A Good Combination

Full name: Chan Kwong Sang
Net worth: $140 Million
Occupation: Actor, Producer, Director, Singer and Martial artist
Nationality: Chinese
Marital status: Married to Lin Feng-Chiao

Personal Life Of Jackie Chan

A Hong Kong actor and martial artist Chan Kwong Sang, better known as Jackie Chan, has a net worth of about $140 million. He was born on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong, where he started working in the entertainment industry. The role that gave him fame and wealth was roll in the Rush Hour franchise, and this role brought very big piece to Jackie Chan net worth.

Jackie Chan net worth 2015

He acted in more than 100 movies, and besides acting Jackie Chan also gives voice to animated characters, and produces and directs movies. The famous fact is that Jackie Chan did all of his stunts, and stunts for many other actors. Movies in which he acts are almost always action comedies, that involve not only great acting and fighting skills, but also improvisation and making people laugh. That is why Jackie Chan is one of the beloved actors not only in Asia but worldwide.

This martial art expert is married to actress Lin Feng-Chiao and they got son Jaycee. Although they have property in Beverly Hills, Jackie Chan and his wife live in an exquisite palace in Hong Kong. Mansion in Beverly Hills is only used when he has a movie making in Hollywood, or a red carpet event.

Professional Life Of Jackie Chan

His professional career started in his early years, at the age of five, when he became a part of the Seven Little Fortunes. Jackie Chan had a few roles in films such as Big and Little Wong Tin Bar, Enter the Dragon, as well as The Shinjuku Incident, Drunken Master, City Hunter and Shanghai Noon, but his big break was the movie Rush Hour where he acted with comedian Chris Tucker.

Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker in Rush Hour
Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker in Rush Hour

His wealth growth started with that movie. Along with Rush Hour there is no way that we can miss to mention The Tuxedo, The Spy Next Door and of course The Karate Kid. He also lent his voice for the animated film called Kung-Fu Panda.

He said that his fortune will be donated to the charities after his death, but now he stacks his money. Even though he is busy with movie shooting, he is not only oriented to the movie branch. Jackie Chan has its own producing company and modeling agency, but that is not all. He also invests in real estates in Hong Kong, where he grew up.

Jackie Chan with Smith family
Jackie Chan with Smith family

Jackie is a very good friend with famous actors Sylvester Stallone and Will Smith and all of them are great examples how dedication and hard work can lead to big professional breakthrough. But perhaps the most deserving person for Jackie’s acting success was his personal manager Willy Chan, who stayed with Jackie for over the thirty years.

Properties Of Jackie Chan

Hong Kong’s most famous movie star has his own jet “LEGACY 650” which had cost him just $30 million. He actually got a discount on the price. Since Jackie is a patriot, he personalized jet with logo in yellow in red colors that represent China’s flag. Private jet aside, Jackie Chan has a mansion in Beverly Hills, where he stays only if needed. Palace in Hong Kong is his primary place where he lives with wife.

Jackie Chan’s house at Beverly Hills
Jackie Chan’s house at Beverly Hills

Jackie Chan’s Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Weight: 160 lbs (72 kg)
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Chinese

Even though, has his great fortune now, Jackie Chan didn’t forget about difficult childhood, when he had to work hard to achieve what he is now. He is involved in many charities, mainly for children in need, but also for planet preservation and seniors in need.

He even has his own charity foundation, Jackie Chan Charitable, which helps poor students in Hong Kong to get financial help, and for that he is a truly wonderful and thoughtful person. And since he worked from very young age to achieve all the fame and fortune he got, his wealth is more than deserved.

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