Jane Fonda Hairstyles – 47 Top Haircuts Ever!

Are you still wearing the same haircut that you wore in your 20s?

Do you know that our facial features change over time so we should make changes to our hair in order to complement them at best! In this case, Jane Fonda hairstyles are a good example.

We have collected a few pictures of Jane’s hairdos from the times when she was young; and her current pictures when she has crossed her 70s. You’ll notice that a haircut that is age-appropriate flatters your face and gives you a fresh look.

Jane Fonda Hairstyles

First of all we’ll show you the classic Fonda haircut that is now associated with her name. Girls go to the salon and ask their hairdresser to give them a Fonda cut. Jane has maintained her looks with this shag cut as she crossed her 40s; although she has tried different lengths but didn’t change the cut.

Here she has blown out her shag for a special effect:

Jane Fonda Shag Hairstyle

A more volumized shag is below. This elegantly styled shag with settled curls proves that a woman over 60 can look as stunning and sexy as 20 years old.

Jane Fonda Volumized Shag Hairstyles

Sometimes, she pins back her shag in kind of an updo and leaves a few strands on the forehead to flatter her face:

Jane Fonda Updo Hairstyles

This haircut is a bit tricky to set but once you learn the steps, you can pull off the exact look:

Jane Fonda Medium Hairstyles

Only Jane can carry this spiked shag at such an ageing face:

Jane Fonda Spiked Shag Hairstyles

She also wore the same shag once in her younger years but she styled it differently at that time. Check out this teased out look here:

Jane Fonda young photo

Now we’ll show you her Jane Fonda hairstyles pictures from 1960 and onwards:

Jane Fonda young hairstyles

Jane Fonda hairstyles 1970

She had bouncy waves to which she sometimes added more bounce with huge curls or rolled them outwards in line with the trends of that era. She has also tried many different hair colors i.e. black, deep brown, burgundy, and ash brown. In those days, she got huge success with her movie Tall Story in which she looked stunning and we saw her in some seriously sober buns and very classy updos.

Jane Fonda Hairstyles - updos

She had dyed her hair in brunette and achieved a Golden Globe award for her performance in the movie Kitty Twist in Walk on the Wild Side. She looked equally fabulous in a movie scene where she pulled off two tight braids on both sides:

Jane Fonda braids haircuts

She wore another chopped haircut that had a lot of bangs all around her face and this haircut became too famous and boosted the actress’s popularity a lot:

Jane Fonda bangs

She has slightly teased and blown out her simple bob cut:

Jane Fonda bob haircuts

A simply straightened short bob haircut gives a fresh look with this cute cap:

Jane Fonda short bob haircut

She has done a top knot to the same bob:

Jane Fonda bob knot haircut

Check out some more Jane Fonda hairstyles where she has simply styled her hair but still looks spectacular:

Jane Fonda spectacular haircuts

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