Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Surgery: Diet and Exercise or Just a Surgery?

Jennifer Hudson weight loss surgery has been in the center of the media attention for a very long time. She lost so much weight for a short period of time, which she made people speculate about possible ways to for that kind of change.

The extremeness of this venture made people think that she did a Bariatric or gastric bypass surgery. Jennifer had never admitted such kind of procedure, but the question still remains. How did Jennifer Hudson lose her weight?

Jennifer Hudson after plastic surgery

Who is Jennifer Hudson?

Jennifer Hudson was born in September 12, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois. Her music career started when she decided to participate in the competition “American Idol” in 2004. She did not win in the competition, but she became famous because of “American Idol”. She released her debut album in 2008, with more than million copies all over the world.

In her personal life Jennifer Hudson had a big tragedy. Her brother, mother and nephew have been killed by her sister’s ex husband. She is engaged to David Otunga and they have a son. It is rumored that Jennifer Hudson had surgeries listed below.

Weight Loss Surgery

When Jennifer Hudson was asked if she did a Bariatric or gastric bypass, she denied, telling how people always find a way to discredit someone. She did admit, in 2012, that she had a plastic surgery, but not regarding her weight loss. Even though most people did not believe her when she said that, Jennifer stayed consistent.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss surgery before and after
Jennifer Hudson weight loss surgery before and after

Jennifer had a real problem with her self-confidence, she even stopped making films because her weight. She tried everything, from weight loss tips to a heavy exercise, but nothing helped.

According to Hudson, she lost her weight with so called “Weight Watchers” program. She even became the spokeswoman for this world known weight loss program. Jennifer supposedly followed “Weight Watchers” diet and just with it, she lost about 100 pounds. The problem is that nobody really believed her when she said that. Her fans believed she had a gastric bypass and that was the only reason she lost so much weight for a short period of time.

Jennifer Hudson before and after surgery
Jennifer Hudson before and after surgery

Breast Implants

After losing all her weight, Jennifer Hudson was left with smaller breasts with no shape. The rumor is that she did a breast implant procedure just to make her boobs look bigger and in better shape. Experts claim that Jennifer had a surgery to lift her breasts up and make them rounder. Since she has natural and curvy body her beasts now go perfectly with it. She looks sexier than ever.

Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery before and after
Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery before and after

Nose and Lip Job

It seems that besides the breast implants, Jennifer Hudson did a few procedures on her face too. Maybe she did not want to admit about gastric bypass, but on the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview, Jennifer said she had to do a lip job because of the movie “Dreamgirls” where she starred, and not because she wanted.

Jennifer Hudson nose job

Her lips are fuller now, and her nose is in better shape, thinner and the tip is pointier. In a package with the boob job Jennifer sure did quite a lot to improve the picture of a “big girl” she once was. She looks sexier now, and her face is almost perfect.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss surgery was not proven to be true, but according to the media it is very hard to lose that much weight in a short period of time. Jennifer claims the different. She says that she put an effort to change her eating habits and with that small change she lost almost 100 pounds.

But, no matter how she managed to do it, it is really praiseworthy. She lost weight, changed her look and improve herself not only on the physical level, and because of that she deserves a break from gossips that is for sure.

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