Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery: Natural or Fake?

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors have been circulating with most people convinced that she definitely had butt implants.

Turns Jennifer Lopez is not still Jenny from the Block. J’Lo first started out in acting, with her breakout role in the biopic Serena. She also appeared in Out of Sight which made her the highest paid Latina at $1 million for the role.

Jennifer Lopez after plastic surgery 2015

J.Lo ventured into music and released her first album on the 6 in late 1999 that was a huge success. J’Lo became the first person to have a film and album on the top charts on her following movie, The Wedding Planner!

Jennifer Lopez has managed to make a name for herself as a successful actress, director, artist and even judge on the popular singing show American Idol. The star was famous for more than her talent as there were rumors that she had insured her million-dollar butt.

This caused a major spur and mixed reactions across fans and critics alike, others terming it as an unnecessary expense. Back her plastic jobs; there re rumors about her going under the knife, ranging from nose surgery, to lip reductions, cheek implants and recently breast implants. It’s however had to say if these claims are true.

Jennifer Lopez Booty 2015

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery suspicions

Among the top cosmetic enhancement procedures that J’Lo is rumored to have undergone, butt implants tops the list. She hit stardom back in the day when the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj were unheard of making her butt the biggest in Hollywood. J’Lo did not hide her obsession with her behind and could always flaunt it in the red carpet and music videos.

Her breasts were also subject of plastic surgery suspicion with many quoting that there is no way a mother of two could still have perfectly firm breast unless she had some plastic surgery interventions. There is only a slight change in their size and as far as firmness she has on a number of occasions hit the red carpet bra-less in couture outfits.

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before after
Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before after photo via

Plastic surgery experts say that despite her rigorous workout regimen and healthy diet her skin looks perfect for an almost 40 year old, almost too perfect. Her skin is supple and youthful looking as ever with no crow’s feet or wrinkles whatsoever. Sources close to her sight good make up for her good skin, but her make-up free photos are flawless too!

Jennifer Lopez without makeup
Jennifer Lopez without makeup

Nevertheless, based on the recent photos that popped up immediately after the singer’s recent America’s Got Talent performance, it is possible to notice some slight difference in her face. Whether the photos were captured at her weird moment are yet to be known. Plus it’s really hard to tell what could be pushing her to go for the job because as far as dating is concerned, the celebrity isn’t dating anyone her age. However, only person in the limelight is Casper Smart is about twenty years younger than her. This could be putting a lot of pressure on her looks, though it’s hard to argue that Casper could be forcing her into it.

Her response

J’Lo has been quoted on numerous occasions defending her beauty that is natural and has not cosmetically enhanced it, not even some Botox. She attribute her sexy body and large booty to her Latina heritage and working out rather than the implants that many claim to have had.

Jennifer Lopez then and now
Jennifer Lopez then and now

J’Lo says she is not against plastic surgery and does not blame or judge those who resort to it saying that everyone has their reasons. She continues to add that so far she has not felt the need to cosmetically enhance her body but cannot completely rule out opting for it in the future. At least she is honest!


J’Lo has managed not to change too much over the years not letting stardom get to her head. As far as butt implants are concerned, I am of the opinion that it is natural. Her latest music video for ‘Booty’ shows it a little shrunk so to speak maybe as a result of her slacking in her exercises.

I am however not convinced that she does not have some form of Botox or vitamin injections and some eye brow lift because they look different in comparison to her previous photos. Whether or not Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors are true or not, she has still managed to look beautiful and sexy over the years.

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