John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After

People say that John Kerry had a plastic surgery? We say “Really?” We thought he is supposed to be concerned about Iran and how the world sees the United States of America and not about how he looks.

Senator John Kerry’s plastic surgery rumor is surprising, especially being that he is just a man and not a woman (women always have special needs). He is no doubt a celebrity, but not a Hollywood celebrity. He is a politician!

John Kerry

With speculation over Senator John Kerry plastic surgery it is now apparent that human beings of all sexes and status desire to look good and are willing to go to any length possible to obtain what they see as perfection. Besides the speculations behind John Kerry’s plastic surgery, people generally agree that his procedures were nice and superbly done.

The American secretary of state, John Kerry, was born in 1943 (December 11th) in Aurora, Colorado. As a senator of the United States of America, John Kerry was the chairman of the senate’s Foreign Relations Committee.

In 2004 John Kerry was the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party standing and losing to the then incumbent President Mr. George W. Bush. The lawyer and current 68th United States secretary of state graduated with a Political Science (Major) degree from the Yale University. Then he went on to join the Naval Reserve in 1966.

While in Hollywood, cosmetic procedures are considered an unavoidable necessity since celebrities have the need to maintain youthful appearance in order to sustain their career, plastic surgery is not a bad idea for politicians and other public figures or simply anyone else for that matter who is obsessed with looking young.

John Kerry who was a Vietnam War veteran, and who spoke strongly against the war after he returned home and became part of the “Vietnam Veterans Against the War” is speculated to have undergone the following plastic surgery procedures.

John Kerry’s plastic surgery speculations

Botox injections

The famous wrinkles on John Kerry’s face are no longer there. This gives rise to the speculation that the high ranked state official has gotten the best possible Botox treatment ever.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

A nose job

If you look at the before and after pictures, there is a slight difference to his nose. Not so much that it is immediately obvious, but the difference is there nevertheless.

Brow lift

Is it normal for a person to have permanently upraised brows or could this be as a result of something more? Most people believe it is as a result of a visit to a plastic surgeon’s clinic.

Facial fillers and Face lift

It is speculated that Senator John Kerry is now suffering from speech impediment as a result of chin surgery.

John Kerry plastic surgery before and after
John Kerry plastic surgery before and after

He has denied ever doing plastic surgery but some of these things have become self-evident on him.

It is not surprising that a man like John Kerry will not confess to having gone under plastic surgery. Some people would rather suggest for free that senator John Kerry should invest in appropriate policies that will elevate America’s image and stand around the world because policies should be more important and beneficial to Americans than plastic surgery. Do you think so too?

Even though that Senator John Kerry and his office continue to deny any plastic surgery was done, if you look at the before and after pictures of John Kerry’s plastic surgery, it is quite immediately clear that some work was done.

Senator John Kerry’s body┬ámeasurements

Height: 6′ 4.5′ (194 CM)
Weight: 81 Kg
Feet/shoe size: Not Available
Eye color: Blue
Natural hair color: Salt and pepper
Waist size: Not Available

John Kerry net worth

The powerful Democratic senator from Massachusetts who is married to Teresa Heinz is estimated to have a net worth of about $198.65 million.

John Kerry’s profession: Military officer, Politician, Prosecutor, Lawyer and spokesperson
Full name: John Forbes Kerry
Nationality: American
Education: Yale, and Boston College

John Kerry’s Children

The American politician from Massachusetts, John Forbes Kerry who served in the U S. Navy before venturing into politics has five children (Andre, Christopher, Vanessa, John and Alexandra).

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