Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Joyce Meyer is a world renowned figure; and this is because she is indeed a powerful televangelist. Well, in spite of her work of endearing people to God by giving them hope and encouraging them, she too, went through plastic surgery to curb the signs of aging.

Not that there is any written rule anywhere that evangelists and the like ought not to go for plastic surgery! Nevertheless, one would expect them to be at the forefront of preserving as much as possible, God’s course of nature.

An Epic Plastic Surgery Disaster!

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Joyce Meyer’s rumoured plastic surgery procedure brought her even more audience because it, apparently, did not go well! Hers was a case of plastic surgery gone totally wrong! Born in 1943, it can well be understood that she felt the need, being a very public figure, of turning back the hands of time by a few years.

Facelift procedure:

A favourite of many aging celebrities, Meyer must have had a terrible facelift procedure done to her face. While she did succeed in getting rid of the wrinkles, she also succeeded in making herself look horrible. In all fairness, many people actually do support the calls for her to sue the doctor that botched this surgery for her.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

She looks so unreal and plastic that you would even suggest that she would have looked much better with all the blessings of old age. It remains to be seen though, if she will undergo a repeat surgery to correct the mistakes being a loaded preacher.

Lip filler injections:

Her lip filler injections went terribly wrong. There have been allegations that Meyer had the fillers injected unprofessionally which caused her lips to swell and scar. Furthermore, the area around her mouth has been made so tight that when she attempts to laugh or even when speaking, one can tell that she faces a bit of difficulty.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Disaster

Perhaps, this is why viewership for the televangelist soared when rumours of her plastic surgery broke out; more people wanted to see for themselves the disaster that had resulted.

Eyebrow lift:

Joyce Meyer’s before and after pictures show evidence of eyebrow lift. This is a procedure that she might have undergone to remove the bags and wrinkles around her eyes. While her eyes certainly look younger, it is in an unnatural way that is pretty easy to tell.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before After

Joyce Meyer’s eyelift even makes her look creepy to those who are not seeing her for the first time and were used to her natural beauty.


There are also allegations that Meyer might have had work done on her nose. Although these rumours are definitely harder to substantiate, her entire face, including her nose, look somewhat different.

Joyce Meyer is no stranger to controversy though. At one point she had all manner of allegations levelled against her for using ministry proceedings to enrich her lifestyle. She denied these allegations but went on to assert that she had no problem living large and had no apologies to make for being blessed! Comparably, the plastic surgery rumours must have felt like a storm in a teacup for her!

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