Julie Chen Net Worth – The Multimillionaire TV Show Host

One of the prominent and perhaps the vital powerhouse of CBS TV show is Julie Chen, who has the reputation of being an anchor, producer and TV show host.

Julie Chen net worth 2015

Such outraging popularity has resulted Julie in accumulating surplus amount of fame and wealth, and with the recent estimates, Julie Chen net worth sums up to an enviable amount of $8M, thereby creating fame and limelight of accolade of being one of the top-paid TV anchors.

Her breakthrough in the anchoring world commenced with her anchoring career in some of the major TV shows especially “The Early Show” which was aired by CBS, which stowed the solid foundation for her career in the media world.

Julie Chen has been recognized as one of the sensational TV personality and has been constantly evolving herself by subjecting into various TV shows production which created a proper stage and recognized her talent as one of the leading TV show hosts. She started her career late back in 1990 by undertaking an internship at CBS Morning news, where she was designated with the responsibility for receiving calls and faxes for distribution and publicity.

Julie Chen and David Letterman =>

While studying in college, she performed another internship with ABC NewsOne, where she was designated the duty of a desk assistant for one season. Later, she worked at ABC News for 3yrs, where she was promoted from desk assistant to producer. However, to expand her experience and skills, she travelled to Ohio, where she worked at WDTN-TV as news anchor.

However, the breakthrough in her career took a rapid turn when she started hosting various small TV shows from 1999 at CBS such as CBS Morning News and CBS This Morning, where she performed as news anchor, alongside with stellar media reporters like Byrant Gumbel, Hannah Storm, Erica Hall and Rene Syler.

A long exposure to such diverse talented crowd promoted her media skills considerably fast, and she progressively learnt to host popular shows such as “Big Brother” which was first aired back in 2000, which received several critical acclamations, and honored with several prestigious accolades for her outstanding anchoring skills.

Her interactive, yet wooden questions raised debates and doubts among the critics, which led her to earn the nickname “Chenbot”. With such outrageous popularity of “Big Brother” and “The Talk”, she won several prestigious reputations and it added a significant finance in her vast fortune.

Personal life of Julie Chen:

Julie Chen was born in January 6th, 1970 and brought up at Queens, New York, US where she completed her high school education and later finished her college degree from University of Southern California with a major in English and Broadcast Journalism.

Julie Chen and Leslie Moonves
Julie Chen and Leslie Moonves

Later on, she worked as an outstanding TV anchor in several shows that brought her close to several reputable celebrities and business magnates as well. Her career in journalism got an incremental boost by her outspoken attitude, which brought her closer to the CEO of CBS. Later in 2004, she married her husband Leslie Moonves, who is the CEO of CBS. The couple together has a child named Charlie Moonves.

Breakthrough in the TV show career

Julie often considers “Big Brother” to be her ultimate breakthrough in the media world. Her exposure to broadcasting media provided her with ample experiences and gained her enough popularity from early days that resulted in an increased public acknowledgement which she received soon after the show started at 2000.

Apart from this popular show, she also hosted another infamous show named, “The Early Show”, which has increased her fan base to several extent. Such a mighty breakthrough in the broadcasting media, especially with her outspoken eloquence, particular about debatable issues, that has stirred up several criticisms has earned her the foundation of multimillionaire.

Julie Chen Hairstyles

Julie Chen hairstyles

Properties owned by Julie Chen

Julie Chen and her husband Leslie Moonves owned several properties, the fanciest being their Malibu home, which was decorated elegantly and furnished with ocean-view rooms and open spa, which they sold recently for $12.995M.

Julie Chen & Leslie Moonves' house
Julie Chen & Leslie Moonves’ house

The couple moved into their new house, which was previously owned by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder for a ransom amount of $28.8M.

Body Statistics of Julie Chen:

Height – 5feet 1inches
Weight – 56kg
Body measurement – 30/ 23/ 33inches
Feet size – 9US
Hair color – Black
Eye Color – Dark Brown

With such an unbelievable personality and the efficiency to conduct some long withstanding TV show like “Big Brother” that continues to skyrocket her fame, Julie Chen net worth also increases exponentially, making her one of the top-paid TV anchors of the recent era.

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