Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julie Chen is a host of many major TV shows including “Big Brother” and “The Early Show”. In an emotional episode of “The Talk”, Julie Chen admitted to have had plastic surgery to make her eyes look bigger.

Asian Eyes Backlash

She said that when she was the age of 25, there was too much racism at the workplace and that is what pushed her into having a plastic surgery to widen her eyes. This brought so much publicity and criticism to the Ohio TV station. This led them to apologize to her for the racism she experienced while working with them.

However, it does not stop there; many people suspect that along with the double eyelid surgery, she also got a nose job. This topic has brought out different reactions since some people argue out that makeup can be used to change the appearance of facial features.

Julie Chen plastic surgery photo
Julie Chen plastic surgery photo

Julie Chen herself has denied ever having any other surgery apart from her eyes. She went on to show photos of her in the mornings without makeup to prove her point. She said that her makeup team have specialized skills and that they use contouring to make her facial features look narrower. She denies ever having a chin job or even ever using braces.

Julie Chen has admitted to have received so much criticism for what she did and it hurt her that most of it came from her own community. They accused her of abandoning her own heritage and embracing a different culture. She has been the talk of most people and many social sites after admitting her plastic surgery.

Julie Chen 2015

However, she said that she wasn’t surprised that she had people hating on her. She said that she expected all sorts of criticism from people. She was ready to face the critics and she came out strong through it all. It is evident that sometimes our environment influences the choices we make and it is not right to judge people for their actions because we do not know the story behind what they did or what they do.

She also said that she knows she doesn’t look any less Chinese. A comparison of pictures of before and after the double eye lid surgery shows quite a difference in the shape of her nose.

Julie Chen after makeup
Incredible makeup or more surgery?

Some even believe that her facial appearance has changed dramatically over the years. But till now we can only confidently point out the double eyelid surgery as a fact and dismiss all other allegations as just rumors since they are yet to be confirmed.

Whether she had other cosmetic enhancement procedures or not, we still think she looks pretty and we are not in a position to judge or criticize her since she is not the only one who has had plastic surgery. Furthermore, we believe that plastic surgery is not something to be ashamed of or to be criticized for doing. When all is said and done, Julie Chen is moving on with her life and pursuing her career goals and so far she is doing a great job. We wish her all the best!

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